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June 05, 2016
A few days ago I was reading several blogs I like due to their great content, and I came across a little "helpful hint" that I’ve actually used for years in article writing and have found VERY helpful. Matter of fact, I'd not used it here at WA, yet ... and it’s little tips and tricks like this that make what we do as affiliate marketers SO much easier – and so much fun! that I've been reminded of my "blog posting cardio" , I want to share it with you.Here's how my "p
As a very busy granny I can say that my time here at WA thus far has been encouraging, a great learning experience, and an opportunity to "make it" online.Thus far, although I've just completed the 2nd course, I've been working on "paying it forward" on as much of a daily basis as I can and also working on content for my website, "How To Screw In a Lightbulb" - A Guide for Gals Who Have no Handyman, and Guys Who Have no "Handy". My goal is to be making a little $$ within the next 3 months, but
For those of you who are thinking about using an alternative to the Jaxxy offered here at WA, don't be fooled into believing you need to pay for good keyword research results! I've found a freebie tool that's become my very favorite to use and although it does offer an upgrade, the info I get with the freebie tool is plenty. Here's the scoop:(1) go to (2) click on the grey, JOIN FREE button all the way at the top right corner of the page (3) fill in your email address and pick
Okay, so I've decided, with the help of another WA'er, to "be accountable" to someone other than myself (her, namely). I've agreed to a "pact" that, since I do spend more time than is good replying, commenting, welcoming, etc., I'd spend only 1 hr. max/ day on that great stuff I love (community makes my heart sing) and then I'd spend a MINIMUM of 2 hrs./day on tweaking my site, researching more of my topic material, posting, etc.So, that's the plan. The only reason I'm posting this is I think
Having a very full plate at home (raising 2 teen grandkids, having another teen staying with me that's NOT mine, being a 24/7 caregiver for my middle daughter AND the mom of those 2 teens is homeless right now and...guess what...staying most nights with me), I HAVE to be somewhat scheduled to make this online biz stuff work.While I realize it will take time, I also know that I can't use that as an excuse NOT to keep moving forward.WA is such a great place to be; one of the reasons I find it awe
Continuing with keyword research tools, today I'm going to cover the Bing Webmaster toolbox, WordTracker, and Keyword Discovery Tool.What can I say about the Bing Webmaster Toolbox? Well, it gives you a dashboard that you can everage for the sites you manage and gives a summary view of how well your site is performing. It gets into a depth that I feel is a bit over-kill, and I'm the type that uses the KISS model - "keep it simple, sweetie". So, while Bing has reporting tools, diagnostic tools
Okay, folks: here's the skinny on linking a pic on your website to Amazon with your affiliate ID attached - no matter what they purchase you should get the credit because of "cookies". At least this is my understanding. If I'm wrong, please correct me. :)You can link directly to the homepage OR an item's detail page. Your visitors simply have to visit URLs with the correct Associate IDs inserted. You should use the following format examples to construct your links: Home
If you're an Amazon Affiliate, besides the general affiliate disclosure you may have on a page on your website/blog, Amazon prefers (although I think the word should be demands) that you have specific languaging for their little disclosure, and that you have it at the footer (bottom) of EVERY page / post you do on your website that contains an Amazon affiliate link. To be ultra-safe and not have to fear that Amazon WILL CLOSE your account (and they will), it's best to just have this on every p
This is what I found (for free to copy/paste) online for my affiliate website. I liked what I say (the 3-in-1 policy statement) and all one has to do is put his or her website/domain name and/or their name in at the appropriate places!Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure DisclaimerAll material on this website is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice on any subject matter.Affiliate Disclosure
When I started out doing keyword research for article marketing (okay, okay - when I began playing around with article marketing) I used the Google Keyword Tool. It was awesome...and everyone and their dog used it. TODAY, a lot has changed. That Google tool? Not really feelin' it for many reasons (first of all, it's passe and unavailable as it used to be and now really unavailable unless you sign up for a Google AdWords account). Second, there are soooo many out there to choose from that can me