How Big Is My Audience Niche? Post 1

Last Update: April 07, 2016

When I started out doing keyword research for article marketing (okay, okay - when I began playing around with article marketing) I used the Google Keyword Tool. It was awesome...and everyone and their dog used it. TODAY, a lot has changed. That Google tool? Not really feelin' it for many reasons (first of all, it's passe and unavailable as it used to be and now really unavailable unless you sign up for a Google AdWords account). Second, there are soooo many out there to choose from that can meet your needs! Yea for innovation!!

If you're like me, on a budget, then you're going to want a freebie tool. There are many...but not all are created equal, meaning not all of them are user friendly: some are totally free, some have a trial time period and others just want your $$ right of the bat.

Since your goal is to find out how many monthly searches, if any, are there for your chosen niche (see if you have an audience and how many there are), this is a due diligence thing - it's necessary.

No one wants to waste time and brain power choosing a niche, thinking up a domain/website name, and then writing content only to find that there may only be 50 folks a month that want or need what you're offering.

So here are the top 12 that I've found works well, are FREE, and do a good job of replacing Google's past keyword research tool. I've divided this post into 4 segments because it would be way too long a read otherwise! So this is post 1 of a 4-post series.

Ninja Search Combination Tool: Once you put in your keyword/search word or term, this tool gives back a huge list of queries, each of which is linked to a google search PLUS it lets you combine your main words or phrases with a secondary list of words/phrases! Here's an EXAMPLE for my chosen niche:

You click "create queries" and you get THIS:

While not giving you specific search volumes for your niche keyword, it IS linked to actual Google searches done and DOES give you great ideas for writing great content based around your chosen niche - content people are looking for! I DID mention the list of search terms and ideas for posts was HUGE, didn't I? This tool is my #1 go-to tool for writing content around my chosen niche keywords.

MajesticSEO: This tool, while free, gives you a lot of info you can't find anywhere else. FIRST, You do this:


See all the relevant information you get back?!! Not only do you see the total number of monthly searches for your niche keyword, but where it comes from, if the keyword was used in a title, and so much more! This is my #2 go-to tool to use!

SEO Book Keyword Tools: You must set up a basic account - TOTALLY FREE - to use this bad boy but it only takes a minute to register, it's super easy to use, AND you get some other "freebies" along with it: $300 worth of other SEO tools, free access to premium content, an exclusive newsletter entitled "7 days to SEO success", and more! Did I mention it's all for FREE?

It does ask for your email address so it can send you a username and password.

The email you'll get has A LOT of great links to free goodies and once you follow the first link - your login link - you'll be asked to verify your timezone. I did that and noticed how much additional TRAINING there is here. BUT - don't get distracted by the shiny stuff!! Training offered on this site can be for later. Right now, you just need to see some audience numbers for your niche. So...look up at the top buttons and click on "Tools", then on "Keyword Tool". Before I put in my keyword (niche topic), I checkmark both the "G Trends" and the "More" boxes.

Here's my example of what a search at SEO Book looks like:

Notice that it gives BOTH monthly searches and daily searches? That it shows where those searches came from (Google, Bing/Yahoo)? This is my all-time favorite, #1 go-to tool; if I only had ONE I could choose to use, THIS ONE would be IT.

** My next post will be "Post 2" and cover Bing Webmaster Toolbix, WordTracker, and Keyword Discovery. **

~ Be Blessed with Success ... Gail

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Gopika1 Premium
Hi Gail,
I just checked the tools you give here and looks like now they are all paid :(
DIAB Premium
Thank you. Very useful.
GailKing1 Premium
You're welcome! There are so many wonderful tools to use for keyword research that are truly "free". An affiliate marketer works hard and pays for a lot of privileges, like a wonderful community of like-minded people! But ... it I can "not" pay for something like a keyword research tool, I'd rather put my $$ to work, elsewhere.
Glad you enjoyed the post.
DIAB Premium
You're right. I saw that you searched stress, anxiety... My site is about mobbing that has these and other symptoms as effects. I would like to keep in touch with you. Here is my google+ post:
can you please share with me yours?
GailKing1 Premium
Would love to...if I knew what/what my Google+post was or how to do it LOL
GailKing1 Premium
Thanks! You rock!!! :) Will give that a go. Do I just copy my stuff into there, then?
DIAB Premium
You're welcome.
johnhevans Premium
Great information. Thanks for posting.
GailKing1 Premium
You're very welcome! part 2 coming soon!