Are the Wealthy Affiliate writing stats accurate?

Last Update: June 24, 2020

There has been something on my mind for quite some time and which became a burning issue each time I enter "SiteContent" in WA to write a post. That is this little block giving a statistic that I have written more than 97% of WA members. It cannot possibly be correct. My question: Is the WA writing statistic accurate?

This statistics doesn't mean much to me as I measure the progress with my online business on other criteria. BUT I can't help to notice this message, each time I log-in to write a blog on WA SiteContent.

You can see on my profile I have only created 5 posts.

I have posted about 15 posts in one niche and 12 in another. I am aware that it is not enough content as I am moving forward.

I have read many posts of WA members stating that they have generated a large quantity of posts in some cases to as many as 300 posts in one year.

Maybe I should not get into the rabbit hole of how this statistic is calculated, as I have many more pressing issues to take care of with my online business.

I am just curious...?

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DBlanchard Premium
Mine is at 100% so I wouldn't worry about this stat 🙂.

I use Site content for the ability of getting free images right in there without searching all over the place, for the word count and the ability of having templates...My articles are pretty similar (in terms of structure) so the templates saves me a lot of time.

However, I also do my word count in Excel besides this because when you publish to Wordpress with Site Content, there is always a few things to arrange before "really" publishing it.

What I do is click on the "Edit in Wordpress" button and put my article back to draft right away (In Wordpress), do the changes I want to do (like add my adsense code where I want it for example) then I publish.

Stay safe!
FunAcountant Premium
you know I don't want to get this business model wrong, so if Kyle says to stand on my head and whistle through my a... I am going to do that.
I use it exactly as you do and for the same reasons, but if it can be replaced with something more current and valuable, it should be considered at WA because it forms part of training and it is taking up space on my screen.
philmedia Premium Plus
Good question, and some great answers here. I am on 96% but in mind I have written (distraction) in headlines after it. Basically as I am not comparing like for like. My focus is on on aiming for 146 posts and so far I have 30 posts so I am about 20% towards by goal for the site I am working on. It then breaks into days and weeks so chunking it down. I find that more useful as well as site comment goals and WA interaction. So it makes a useful formula motivational wise for me but not for everyone of course. Thanks for sharing though, it made me think..
JKulk1 Premium
Yes, mines at 98% and I certainly haven't written much
But you must understand that statistics show that only the top several percentage of affiliate marketers actually do much work online.
Also, if you work out a rough estimate of active WA members, then the top 3% would most likely work out to be around 10 to 12 thousand. Jim
FunAcountant Premium
Thanks for the insight. Is there a link between the 3% that produce content and income generated? If so the success rate of generating money would be low.Maybe the other Affiliate marketers are not using WA?
JKulk1 Premium
Yes, the success rate is low. But only because so many people give in to easily.
DarrenNicola Premium
We are on 99%.
I never really take notice of it.
Thanks for the post.
Darren :)
JaneMahlehle Premium
I also want to understand what it means.
Mine says more than 99%. These days my writing has gone down by possibly 99%😅