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There has been something on my mind for quite some time and which became a burning issue each time I enter "SiteContent" in WA to write a post. That is this little block giving a statistic that I have written more than 97% of WA members. It cannot possibly be correct. My question: Is the WA writing statistic accurate? This statistics doesn't mean much to me as I measure the progress with my online business on other criteria. BUT I can't help to notice this message, each time I log-in to write a
I joined Wealthy Affiliate with one goal in mind. That goal was to learn a tried-and-tested method of having a successful online business. I was ready to open myself up to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, in order to enhance or expand my traditional business which I believe has run out of steam or should I rather say run out of potential. My aim was also to access a wider and larger international market with more spending money than what South Africa has to offer. South Africa'
I was always under the wrong impression that you cannot add a title to your menu without having it linked to a page, category or tag. The day eventually came that I needed to add a title "Accounting" and "Payroll" to my top navigation menu. The subheadings would be actual pages on my website. These 2 titles do not refer to any of my pages but are very important for the navigation of my website. In the past I used to create a page, save it without publishing and then link the page to my menu. I
December 29, 2018
Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? In this post I will be revealing the secret of the Top Business Ideas for 2019 worth considering. It is only natural, on the eve of a new year, to review the past and to consider your future in an attempt to make the adjustments that will improve your quality of life. These Top Business Ideas for 2019 must fulfill the following criteria in order to make the list:Low start-up capital required. This must be in reach of anyone who is willing to put in
September 16, 2018
Wealthy Affiliate brought me the true essence of an online business and that is content. The key to success is beyond any doubt your ability to generate content that is extremely relevant to your niche. And that right there is the key and I think we all know it and we all get it. For example a 30-day survival course on how to survive in the African jungle will be meaningless to a person living in a high apartment in New York. It does not matter how well it is researched or how well it is writte
I have just completed WA Bootcamp, phase 2 lesson 5 and I feel super excited about everything here at WA. When you are in a "training phase" or building a foundation in your life, you are sometimes concerned about the outcome. For me, a trainee here at WA, it feels like being at university all over again. You are following the process, unsure about where this may lead, not knowing exactly how this will unfold. You have dreams, hopes and aspirations, expecting mind-blowing results with good reas