I Love Yo - Lessons From Yo

Last Update: July 17, 2014

There is no typo mistake, I didn't miss typing a "u" after the "Yo".

My mind is stuck with Yo recently. After having written 2 posts on Yo, it seems to reverberate inside me. I am probably intoxicated by Yo. I need to get it out by sharing why I love Yo, so much.

Yes, "I Love Yo". Before you are bedazzled, let me explains what is Yo. Yo is a free mobile app that you can download from Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play.


After you have downloaded and installed Yo, you can SEND a "yo" to anyone you know who has already installed Yo on their mobile device. If not installed, simply press INVITE to send invitation to your friends to join Yo.


When someone send you a "yo", your phone will acknowledge by making a sound "yo" and the screen will just display

That is all to the Yo app. There is nothing more than your phone "Yo-ing" and the 2-letter- word text message. It really is that simple.

Is it not absurd and insane that such a simple app could have stirred up a storm in the market?

The first thing that struck me about the simplicity of Yo appeal is to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. This applies to whatever we do, we speak, we write... I am guilty of all these!

Look at the the huge font size used for those single wordings on the Yo app display, users can hardly go wrong understanding and using them.

Before we join the critics and swear at this phenomena success of Yo that it will freeze out by next fall, there certainly is more to Yo than meets the eyes. There are more lessons to be learnt from Yo, here is more about Yo.

Whether you like Yo or not, I hope you learn something about Yo:)

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Tavit Premium
Thanks Fred, I need more time to think about it. I read the "more about Yo" and it seems plausible and may correct the flaws that was cited. I am not to into apps and things.

Thanks for sharing. God bless yo.
caylynn Premium
Yo is for everyone! Androids and iPhones. Yo Google Play. Yo to you Fred. Great post here and on your site. ^_~
mwd21 Premium
Hmmm, I think i have better things to do. Sounds like a complete waste of time to me.
KatieMac Premium
first I have heard of it,,sounds a good app, though I do not have an iphone but I know a few people who do.. thanks for sharing
bazboy247 Premium Plus
Thanks for this, my niche is iPhone's, so I will bookmark your article and do a post on this for my site, really great article thanks for posting