I have done the certification course and actually made something $

Last Update: October 22, 2017

I have gone through all the lessons which i couldn't believe that i made it. It's a journey for me to find the best platform where you can make websites without costing too much money. i continually search the best affiliate program where i can study with a massive community and was very lucky to have stumbled it.

i built my website and applied to what im doing everyday as self employed. The website is vendingproservice.com and i started only to write my first post exactly 1 month from today! and when i checked my google adsense today i was surprised that i had made about $1.77 today.

i still couldn't not believe it, i plan to continue making content on my website and hopefully in 3 months to will ranked to 1st page since my niche is very unique and not everyone is doing this vending machine business full time.

For now i'm very happy with the results here at WA, i also found some interesting lessons at Affiliate Bootcamp which im going to study namely : lesson 4 of 4, lesson 4 of 9, lesson 5 of 3 4 6 7 8 9, lesson 6 (everything) and lesson 7 (everything) since this was not taught at the certification.

I'm especially interested in the PPC but i don't know if this can be applied to ClickBank and with other affiliate networks.

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ValerieJoy Premium
Congratulations Francis on completing the Certification course, and on your Adsense earnings. A good start to greater things!
TammiP Premium
Congrats on your accomplishments!!

If I can be of help to you in any way, please let me know!!

mikewood1975 Premium
gcd Premium
That's awesome Francis!! Congratulations. Long may the vending machines earn you commissions.

Looks like you found quite a bit of the training interesting :) It certainly is interesting... and fun!

Well done - keep going!