Is $1.34 a day enough for you?

Last Update: August 01, 2021

Would you be happy to earn $1.34 a day?

There are so many online "make money" websites that I've vetted only to find out they want something from you and you get nothing. Boy, it would be great to get $1.34 from each one of these sites. I'd be doing pretty good at this point. But that's not how it works.

Now, lets say someone wanted to train you to be able to make $1.34 every minute.

And, they were going to be there with you 24/7 and answer every question that came up.

Would you pay $1.34 a day to have a mentor?

I've just read a post by @Joo77 who wrote about the value of the yearly subscription that got me to look up and realize what is right in front of me.

So you start off here with free training, then you pay $19 for a month of advance training. Then you sign up for the yearly subscription. But you aren't earning anything yet.

Every training, every question, every blog you wrote - someone (or a lot of someones) were watching out for you and answering, guiding and pushing you to advance.

For Your Benefit!

The one thing that I've consistantly read is that this is not an overnight success story. You must work and learn. Everyone here is working very hard to accomplish something they can be proud to say they were able to build. The elusive goal of financial freedom, passive income or just that first sale/subscription/$1.34 will likely come sooner thanks to the help you get at Wealthy Affiliate. Be sure to upgrade to Premium.

So, get your website running, get traffic flowing, and lets make some money together.

Finally, thanks to Joo77 for sharing! Read the blog post Is $1 a day enough for you?

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Jessiefido Premium
I'm all for making money together my friend! Would a dollar thirty four daily meet my daily needs though, highly unlikely!

But would I willing to pay a dollar thirty four daily to receive the awesome training ,hosting and most of all the wonderful support of the community here, then yes I would and do!
franknrob Premium Plus
Thank you my friend! May we all get to earn $1.34 a day!
DragomirVC1 Premium
Thank you!
It's a joy to have shared!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true words, Frank!
1Rudy1 Premium
Although this is a great post, you cannot link Wealthy Affiliate the way you did. It may appear to be an affiliate link, which is a no-no.

The page opens to show the premium and premium plus benefits as if you were proposing to sign someone up.

franknrob Premium Plus
Good catch! Thanks Rudy! I'll get rid of the link completely.
1Rudy1 Premium
Good job...and great post, too. Great style.

CherryRed20 Premium
This is great. Good on you.