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September 14, 2021
Freelancer comYou might be able to make some money doing side work on Freelancer.So far, I've joined up and got my first project. A very nice guy from Australia picked me from all the bids to create a new website with 3 pages. I ended up spending many hours refining the website using PHP to meet the requested criteria for getting paid. The payments were to be made for 3 milestones. We agreed the first milestone was complete and the funds were released. The next day I signed in to find out his a
OH NO! My home page has a redirection error!!What happened? Everything was great. My site was getting traffic. I was on a roll writing new content. Life was good. So the red light of "updates available" came on. No problem right. I've been keeping my site updated as soon as an update appears so what could go wrong. I ran all the updates just like normal but this time when I go to preview my site it doesn't come up. That's so weird, right? I didn't change any theme settings, no new plugins, noth
Would you be happy to earn $1.34 a day? There are so many online "make money" websites that I've vetted only to find out they want something from you and you get nothing. Boy, it would be great to get $1.34 from each one of these sites. I'd be doing pretty good at this point. But that's not how it works. Now, lets say someone wanted to train you to be able to make $1.34 every minute.And, they were going to be there with you 24/7 and answer every question that came up. Would you pay $1.34 a day
Learned a new productivity feature with Bitly Links For anyone who didn't know, Bitly is a great online tool used to minimize your links to hide affiliate codes. Basically, making your links pretty short. So, as I was creating a new link today, the tool asked if I wanted to post the link on Twitter. Heck yeah! Saved me a whole chunk of time! So, now not only can I track link clicks that were created by Bitly, I can simply send tweets out without having to be redundant and manually enter tweets
Step 1Login to your Wordpress site.Click on Appearance, CustomizeThen click on Additional CSSAt the bottom of any other text, paste the following.copyright-bar {display: none;}Then click the Publish button at the top.This will remove the existing copyright text.Step 2Close the Additional CSS by clicking on the XNow under Appearance, click on WidgetsClick on the Footer Bar to open it up.Click on the + to add a block and search for Custom HTMLClick on Custom HTML.Type in the following(sorry had t
BasicA basic SEO audit can give you excellent ideas to fix low hanging fruit. Typically you get recommendations on page SEO, links, social and performance that can improve your SEO rank. On-Page SEO is important to ensure Search Engines like Google can understand your content appropriately and help it rank for relevant keywords.H2-H6 Header Tag UsagePages should make use of multiple levels of Header Tags. HTML header tags are an important way of signaling to search engines the important content
July 23, 2021
So, thanks for getting me this far. I promise to continue to work hard to earn something. It would be excellent to earn enough to keep this going for the next few months. Maybe Google will open the traffic door to more sales. Woohoo!
Use Pretty Links Plugin?Alright, the Pretty Links plugin is a great way to hide long links and affiliate codes. You are able to create a short name and replace the ugly long links on all the pages using the same link. Then when you have to change the link, you only need to change it in one place in the Pretty Links plugin and all of the pages on your site will redirect visitors using the changed link. So, say your affiliate link is, then you can
July 17, 2021
Depression kicked in today. I lost money on the stock market. But then I got an email that picked me up that my website got a referal link to Jaaxy! I don't even have a link to Jaaxy on my posts, yet there it is in my Jaaxy referal account. 2 clicks. It felt great that the hard work and long hours I'm spending here is doing something positive. I feel that I'm closer to obtaining the goal. If just a little. Every litte step forward gets me closer to the larger river of gold.
July 12, 2021
Niche selection is easy for some who have a passion that connects well with some affiliate markets. I have been a generalist for my entire career in IT. From building computers, writing software, creating databases, making websites for others and more. Even trading stocks I stick with the general ETF QQQ and avoid specific stocks for volatility sake. So, now that I want to focus on a niche within a market, I find myself overloaded with ideas. This can be a better than having nothing to work wit