Niche Research For Dummies

Last Update: June 28, 2019

Sorry about the title I couldn't resist it. I was thinking that a lot of people find choosing a niche as their first stumbling block when they first join WA. They worry is there going to be any chance of monetizing their chosen niche. I thought I would give a little tip in your search for a niche.

Have you heard of the dummies books? I think most people have, well go to and search for the niche you are thinking of entering. If they have a book on the subject you can be sure there is money to be made in that niche or else they would not be writing a book about helping people with their problems on the chosen subject.

It is worth a look and may give you the confidence to go with your chosen niche. Just a quick tip, good luck with your search.


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LLettau1 Premium
Yet another tool of the trade.
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Frank, is great. Tks to share
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What a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing Frank
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Thanks for sharing Frank.

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Great idea, thanks for sharing.