Ozzy Walks Away With Four Grammys!

Last Update: Feb 6, 2023

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Hi, WA Friends!

Just a short blog to say that Ozzy Osbourne walked away with four Grammys!

A Little History Of Ozzy

Black Sabbath

Ozzy was the original frontman for the Black Sabbath, arguably the founder of Heavy Metal music! No one sounded like Ozzy, although Ronny James Dio took the band in a great new direction

Fun Facts:

Black Sabbath got its name from the title of the 1963 film. The band had nothing to do with Devil worship!

Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan did Sabbath's "Born Again" album.


Ozzy is also known for his mega-metal festivals, Ozzfest, managed by his wife, Sharon Osbourne!

Ozzfest featured bands like Metal greats: (limited, incomplete list)

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Black Sabbath
  • Pantera
  • Motorhead
  • Black Label Society
  • Slipknot
  • Slayer

Grammy Awards

Here's what Ozzy won from his last album, "Patient Number 9":

  1. Best Rock Album - "Patient Number 9"
  2. Best Rock Song - "Patient Number 9" (The title song from the album), which featured Jeff Beck
  3. Best Rock Performance - "Patient Number 9" (the song)
  4. Best Metal Performance - "Degradation Rules," which featured Tony Iommi (guitarist for Black Sabbath)

Unfortunately, Ozzy could not appear to accept the awards due to health problems from spinal injuries.

Keep On Rockin'! 🤘
Frank 😎🎸

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Recent Comments


I never cared much for Ozzie. I always thought he was overrated because he ALWAYS made sure to have a top notch lead guitarist.

Sabbath definitely got much better when Dio came aboard, who other than a blip of time after Vivian Campbell left also had some great guitarists. I felt cheated when Campbell left to play second fiddle in Def Leppard, but money talks. His work on those first Dio albums are as powerful as the vocals, much the way Slash was with GNR alongside Axl.

Speaking of guitar legends (I know, the topic was Ozzie, hah hah) if you haven't caught it, check out the live version of Lightning Strikes Again by Dokken. The very long solo by Lynch is among the best of all time.



Hi, Jason

I’ll have to agree with you there. Ozzy caught the musical break of his life when he hooked up with Black Sabbath.

To be honest, I’m not much of a “vocals” guy, with the exception of Opera.

When I started playing guitar back in the 60s, my sister showed me a dozen cowboy chords and I took it from there.

I started learning Clapton, Hendrix, etc., but I worshiped the sound of Sabbath. I’ll have to admit that Ozzy’s voice gave it a certain “evil” quality, but that was only because of Tony Iommi’s guitar playing.

After Black Sabbath IV, they kicked Ozzy out of the band because he became impossible to work with.

I agree that Iommi’s playing got even better over the Dio years. Still, I enjoy the original four albums very much!

George Lynch is a great guitar player. I had his signature “kamikaze” guitar, which got stolen from my apartment in Chicago when I was doing some clinical training as a medical student.

It was set up “Eddie Van Halen style,” with a single hot bridge pickup wired directly to a volume control (no tone control in the circuit) and a Floyd Rose whammy bar.

That guitar sounded amazing through my Marshall JCM 800 half-stack! 😎

Frank 🎸

4 Grammy's, well I never but his music had never appealed to me and made you wonder why these weren't given when he had a voice!

A great character though and they do have some devoted fans!

A body can take only so much and I guess his illness has something to do with the quad bike accident or when things started to change for him.

I used to watch that reality TV program the Osbournes for a laugh until we found out everything was staged.


Hi, Mick

Yes, too bad about Ozzy. He was in some great Metal bands.

The Grammys were a nice testament to his career. 😎

Frank 🎸

Yeah Ozzy with 4 Grammy Awards! 🎉🎊🎸
Hope he gets better with his spinal cord injury!
I admire Sharon for keeping this family together!
Thank you Frank 🎸😎 for this post!

Maria 🌹

You bet, Maria!

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 😎🎸

HI Frank,

I saw that. I know Ozzy and his family have been through so many medical problems and challenges with bad publicity with Sharon on a talk show. I am aware that he has been experiencing a lot of challenges with his spinal injuries and surgery. He was talking about going back to the UK. But they want to focus on getting Ozzy recovered. I know how he feels. I wasn't crazy about his music but I felt bad for him with all his problems, he told the world that his family was not perfect, yet they stayed together. Wow. I admire Sharon and her strength to continue to support her husband and stand for him as well as he did for Sharon with all these issues with the talk show. Thanks for sharing the history and his recent wins. He deserves it.

Hi, Brenda

Yes, I greatly admire Sharon for all she's been through and for keeping the family together! Can you imagine being married to Ozzy?

Sharon learned about band management from her father, who originally managed Black Sabbath. She is the mastermind behind Ozzfest, the biggest Metal festival worldwide!

Frank 😎🎸

Wow. Sharon does have impressive skills. Thanks for sharing this information. I thought she was great on the talk show. Sadly, it got all blown out of proportion.

She didn't deserve what happened to her on that talk show, Brenda.

I agree. She didn't deserve it and it was taken out of context. But it happened, and we can't undo the past. The main thing she did was move forward and put on her best.


What can you say about an immense talent, a survivor of his own choices, and a basically kind man.

I remember playing club soccer in Malibu for the Rainbow club team that He would play on when in town it was a Sunday league for entertainers mostly with Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page to name few.

Ozzie always had a beer in his hand on the field. It was tremendous fun. Plus the women were everywhere.

How he has survived is a miracle.

I never missed the Osbournes reality show. "Sharrrron... Sharrrron!"
Early Black Sabbath was classic. Thank you for the memories again.

Hi, David

Talk about a musical all-star soccer team!! Wow!

It is a miracle that he's still alive.

Ozzy defined the sound of Sabbath, but Ronnie pushed Tony Iommi to new levels of guitar playing! I love both vocal configurations of the band. The Dio years were somehow more "evil" sounding.

When Black Sabbath's first album came out in the late 60s, I had to have a Gibson SG guitar with an Electro-Harmonix "Screaming Bird" treble booster.
Laney amplifiers were very difficult to get in the USA back then, but I ended up settling on a used Marshall half-stack from a music store in New York that did the job. 😎

Frank 🎸

"What is this that stands before me" was a pretty scary song and the instrumentals made it so. With the bell tolling in the background. We always played it on Halloween. I'll never forget that song and when he bit the head off that bat !

Ronnie James Dio really made that band successful in my opinion. Dio was a great band too. He died too young.

Again Ozzie is a miracle although he is pretty shot out now. Kind of sad. But doing drugs and booze like he did. This is the result.

Yeah, the song "Black Sabbath" incorporates a tritone, which is also known as the "Devil's Interval," from back in the days of the Gregorian chants, when you weren't allowed to alter the "perfect" intervals (perfect 4th and perfect 5th).

Place the fifth in the bass and drop it ½ step, and it does sound evil. Add some heavy distortion, and it sounds outright demonic! Jimi Hendrix (Star Spangled Banner) and Tony Iommi were the first Rock/Metal players to take advantage of this.

I loved the band Dio. Ronnie had such a powerful voice that was made for Metal!

Frank 😎🎸

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