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Last Update: May 22, 2014

Hi Everyone

I am experiencing a lot of trouble getting the keyword tool to work on WA over the past few days. Has anyone else experienced this, for instance I am trying to find keywords for my latest post today and after 2 hours I still have not got any information from the tool.

Thanks Alan

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DNave Premium
I has trouble yesterday and it looks so did some others. I just got out of it and went back in after a few minutes and then it worked. It also looks like Kyle is aware.
arick Premium
Yes. You can always use the google keyword tool.
Tkallstar Premium
Yeah mine is messed up too
Shawn Martin Premium
Kyle is aware of it and said they are working on it :)
Fourtuna Premium
Hi Shawn, thanks for the update. I will leave it to the experts then. Alan
marijaku1 Premium
Hi Alan, i had the same issue it somehow sorted out on it's own. Try checking it every half hour and close the whole W.A. Page,log out- than log back in.It's all good now, hope yours will sort out as well,
Fourtuna Premium
Thanks for the quick response, I will try that and see if it works. Thanks Alan.