25th day progress report - and my first Site Comments attempt goes awry!

Last Update: May 04, 2017

I've now been at Wealthy Affiliate for 25 days. I'm learning a lot, I'm networking, but I still keep finding ways to avoid creating content for my website! I actually have LESS content now, because I moved a bunch of half-written posts to draft status. I felt it didn't look good that way.

Note: my Site Comments blunder is at the end of this rambling status update, feel free to TL;DR to the end! :-)

But to focus on the positives, I now have created a cool-looking logo and favicon (site icon) thanks to watching Jay's (Magistudio) Live Niche site training. I've even showed it to random people I know who have some sense of design, and they said it doesn't look terrible!

I have written and published more content, and I think my site looks better now with all the half written stuff gone. I'm not embarrassed for people to see it now!

I finally got my Gravatar set up. That was a huge hassle because the Gravatar email confirmation was not showing up in my inbox. I of course checked my Spam folder, had them resend the email over and over. I even temporarily switched my forwarding email to a webmail account, and it still wasn't showing up. I ended up going back to my gravatar account and changing the email to another address. I got a confirmation of the change! I confirmed the change, and then I switched it back to my site forwarding email address, confirmed that, and now I have a Gravatar. I chose a selfie of me at Arches National Park in front of a very weird arch, so the Gravatar looks kind of strange and hard to see. I'll probably change it to something simpler, possibly to my site icon.

I've been messing around with graphics editing, using free or cheap tools, and getting frustrated at how clumsy and limited they are. In some of the niches I want to work in, I'm going to need good editing tools for screen grabs. I'm seriously considering a sub to Adobe Creative Cloud so I can get pro tools, and that would be something fun to learn. But maybe it's yet another distraction from writing content?

I did my first Site Comments comment, but I submitted it on the actual website instead of through the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments interface pictured above. I'm pretty sure I know now why some people complain that they don't get credit for the comments they make. They do what I just accidentally did, and they make the comment right on the site, and not through the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments interface. On the positive side, I will now be able to tell those people what they are doing wrong.

To recap: After reading the post, go back to Site Comments to make your comment. Do not make the comment on the website! I hope this helps.

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belian Premium
Hey Foobard, I cant believe this has worked for me!! Your post has really helped me get a Gravatar after being stuck for about 3 weeks now. I used my personal email address then added my domain account in Gravatar and I was done!

Thank you so much.
Foobard Premium Plus
You're welcome! Glad to help. And thanks for leaving this note. Too often, when writing for the web, you have no idea if what you are writing is helping people or just additional noise that others have to navigate through. Thanks!
XinZhang Premium
You may not have gotten credit but at least someone got a comment!
Foobard Premium Plus
I'm not worried about getting credit. I've just seen a bunch of people complaining that they have done several comments and have not gotten credit. This is probably why.
Foobard Premium Plus
For anyone interested in a more in-depth explanation of how to fix the Gravatar confirmation email problem, this is a pretty good write up, but instead of using a "dummy" email as he suggests, I just used a real email account for the temporary switch.
ETZEL Premium
Thanks for watching us!

And thanks for the follow too !