Website design ideas

Last Update: May 7, 2022

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Website design ideas

You all know the feeling whether you are a starter or professional.
Websites have their own tricks and manners and besides being functional they should be attractive as well.

Stuff to do

There is so much stuff to do when you want to create and design a website

- you need to find a domain name and appropriate logo
- your images should be trendy
- your graphics up to date
- and your content original and unique

Does that sound easy?
Well it is not.

Let us break down the ultimate Web Design checklist and hit all the important points.

Most designers indeed look at the fun part of a website, the look and feel. The colors, the mood, the style, and... there is more than that alone.

    Would you like a website checklist?

    Let's have a look at the main points of attention and ideas to follow up and make sure to give them a rank of urgency or importance.

    There are indeed some really critical elements that have to be set up before you get to the website design.

    Are you a solo preneur ? Make a list of all the task that need to be done, and eventually tasks you need to outsource or parts of it.

    Are you or an enterprise with several members? The niche is important to assign roles, tasks to each one to make sure all is covered.

    In essence who is going to do what.

    Make sure to cover all that is needed to be picked up by search engines. Seek the elements that Google wants to see as part of your overall trust and authority.

    Have a social media presence and seek the channels that suit you best. Tiktok is not linkedin and vice versa.

    Make sure to back up your work, and print out what really matters. Does that sound old school?

    Use webmaster tools like the google search console and website analytic by Google. Or the jaaxy keywords research tool.


    Go tools aka search console ! Set it up. HTTPS as well as HTTP. So, it resolves to HTTPS. It's called a secured domain.
    Make sure you have a secured server (HTTPS) on every page of your website

    Having security is another essential checklist items. Protect against spam as well.

    A lot of us have WordPress websites. Call your hosts and ask for a secured and dedicated server. This is the big one. A dedicated IP. That is Internet Protocol. Sharing is not caring.

    Write down your logins.

    In conclusion

    Set up a trustworthy website at the very technical level.
    Wrap it in something beautiful, it's going to be found.

    That is the essence of having a findable website :
    technically trustworthy with a great design.

    Thank you for likes, shares and comments

    What would you advice?

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    Fleeky, Great post! Great design is important. I will add the need for understanding the user experience. What are your users clicking? How are they experiencing your site?

    What you think is happening may not be what is actually happening? I have found that how you think your site is being navigated is not the same as how your users are experiencing your site.

    So right...
    Thatbis why feedbaxk option here on wa is so valuable. You can ask people what thet think of your site. Very revealing. Especially when expereinced users add some tips...

    As for interaction , A call for action remains THE most important

    Join a mailing list
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    Join my ...

    Thank you

    The article was really helpful to know these tricks. It is a knowledge that is valuable to me. It showed real, tangible tricks that I can use in the future.


    Thank you and good luck with your website

    Thank you! Hopefully I can use this to optimise my site even more!

    Yes... small steps towards success

    Excellent advice my friend. Thanks for educating us :-)

    Have a blessed day

    I am with AI here; I keep it discreet, relevant, and straightforward. I make sure it is optimized and loads fast, specifically on a mobile device. I make sure it serves a purpose, and visitors look forward to seeing your newest posts. UX is super important, too, and writing to humans vs. search engines. Site navigational, everything feels like a breeze—Top-notched and delivers.

    Can you explain UX Abie?

    User experience.


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    Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
    4-Steps to Success Class
    One Profit Ready Website
    Market Research & Analysis Tools
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    Core “Business Start Up” Training