Avoid distractions when studying

Last Update: October 15, 2020

Avoid distractions when studying

Distractions are all around us.
Keeping focus on study and practice are key!
Looking back, it seems easier to pinpoint the main distractions knocking us off all along.
And you will agree with me : there are more thinks than things

Just to name a few:

  • Fear.
    Now that is a bad counselor!
    Which does not mean, you have to jump without parachute!

  • Hurry.
    Going too fast is exhausting.
    This is not a sprint.
    Take time to assimilate and practice what you learned

  • Impatience!
    Flowers come before fruits, remember...
    Results take time to build up.

  • Dreaming.
    Dreaming is not enough,
    it needs some actions to bring your dream into life.
    And it will take time, efforts and money to fund.

  • Shortcuts.
    Shortcuts are often less walked and dangerous roads.
    Following the guide and trotted path is the best you can do.
    Stay in the platoon.

  • Rushing.
    Working on a website can be very tiring, especially if you are a dummy like me.
    Best is to seek advice from more experienced users! And to look at the websites of our top-notch affiliates and see how they perform.

  • Imitating.
    Well you know the saying, only monkeys do that.
    Just be your own self.

  • Abundance.
    Some will lack ideas, and creatives will crumble under the mass of them.
    Make a choice and focus on the essence.
    Intuition needs some reason too

  • Focus
    It is important to keep focus and to work on a website that converts
    With calls for action, interaction.

  • Content
    A good website stands with content and well searched keywords (Jaaxy tool).
    Make sure to write, and to write and to write

  • Improvisation
    Once stuck we try to get out. At all costs.
    Better sit back, relax and reflect on your best next steps

  • Testing
    Test your theme and plugins. Do they suit your needs?
    If not, ask site support, they will help you with great suggestions.
    You might need a staging site.

  • Research
    Do research your titles, domain names, keywords, content, affiliate links, labels, categories, tags...

  • Help
    Seek help when stuck. Do not lose time by seeking a solution, that might be the wrong one. Ask your coach, the community, site support, life chat... and the search bar on top of your WA dashboard.

  • Motivation and goals
    They go together. If your goal is easy and quick money, you are at the wrong place.
    WA is a learning platform, set up to encourage and motivate you all along.

  • Over- or underestimating your efforts.
    Be real with what you can afford: your time, your sleep, your relations, your work, your duties, your finances, your possibilities.

And last but not least... If you have a bad day or time, just know it will come to pass...take some rest.

Thank you for likes, shares & comments

What were your bad hurdles? Please join me in the sum up of your own. ..

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DoubleDare Premium
Excellent post Fleeky, I am struggling with this every day like most of us. Today I was mainly distracted by... the thought of Belgian Waffles. No idea why! So I made some and disappeared back to my office with a few and a coffee and continued my article research. See I am learning how to handle distractions!😉
Fleeky Premium Plus
Oh woow.... great solution... some relax and back again!
Yes too much distractions, too often! Swimming or drawing in them indeed... And much harder with others... the boat goes all ways... 😜
Joes946 Premium
Great post Fleeky.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you Joe
jmg52 Premium
These are very good tips. Thank you
Fleeky Premium Plus
What is most distracting for You?
For me it is an always better solution that not exists...
Thank you!
beautiful801 Premium
Yes. We do have distractions all around. We have to tune them out. Thank your the post. Alicia.
Fleeky Premium Plus
I like that!
Tune them OUT
beautiful801 Premium
Fleeky Premium Plus