Mocha the cat has joined my family; here are first pictures

Last Update: May 19, 2022

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Mocha arrived yesterday on the 3:30 plane. He's had a name change -- the shelter called him "Cotton," which didn't seem to fit at all. He is sweet, loving, and oh, so beautiful. I am very happy with my choice. Here are the first pictures.

Those polydactyl toes -- I have a Hemingway cat!

Nothing like being a proud new mama! He is listed on the information form as a "lilac point Siamese." However, I see evidence of other kitties in the woodpile. He has the tabby "M" on his forehead and medium-length fur. So glad he has the Siamese blue eyes, though.

He's super friendly and very calm. And, in spite of all that fur, he only weighs 8 pounds! I'm sure we'll add a couple of pounds to that, but don't want to overfeed him, either. Right now, though, he's pretty bony under the fur coat.

He doesn't meow much; is more apt to give you a little "brrrr" -- Is that called a "chirp" in cats? I don't know, but if I make that sound, he makes it back at me, and it seems to be one way to get him out from under the bed.

Okay, back to work--Glad I write about cats. Gives me a good excuse to gush a bit. Just had to introduce him to you folks.

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My son hurt his back, and he asked me to come over and help him with his truck. My hands and arms are much slimmer than his, and I helped put on the airbags and hock up the airlines up to the engine compartment, and I was able to play with his mocha cat. Almost your size and I love the paws; they are big. I love the features or markings on his head. He trained to walk on a leash outside; it's too valuable of a cat to let loose on his own to wander the yard. Enjoy your cat!

Thanks for the reminder -- I have to order a kitty vest. Yes, he will learn to walk on a leash. He's so sweet...He's in here with me, on the bed in the sun by the window. Ideal place for a kitty.

I love animals, period, but not necessarily snakes. I take care of my mother, who is 86; we have five small dogs and three cats. I raise peacocks, turkeys, chickens, and any wild animal needs food. I have to get back to work, fix the problem I caused myself, and get back rolling on my assignments. Have a good day!

Oh, send salutations to your mother for me. I will be 84 in July.

You have a regular farm! Also, how often it seems we have to fix a problem we cause ourselves. My sympathies.

A lovely looking cat, Fran. Happy for the both of you.

I think so too, Phil, and I believe both of us are happy too. I can't vouch for Mocha, but he seems pretty content.

Probably loves his new name :-)

Well, he's still getting used to it.

That is a beautiful looking addition to the family there Fran, and he seems to be making himself at home in double quick time, which as I am sure you know is not always the case with most cats!

We had a few tabbies and some siamese cats whilst growing up on the ranch but this is the first time that I have actually seen what looks like a mix and he is beautiful!

He has certainly found a fantastic home there with you...

He's a very welcome addition. He is a very calm cat, though he is a bit cautious. However, he's so friendly and makes up to strangers right away. I am looking forward to a happy future with him.

I believe that most cats are a bit cautious when they first enter new surroundings Fran, but I'm happy to hear that he is a friendly feline!

And I am sure that your future with him will be very happy!

Nice addition! Now you have a new assistant to help you with your writing!

Ah, yes, and he likes to lap-sit. He's already helped me type a few letters.

Wow, my son has a mocha cat. And she is beautiful and getting bigger. Congrats on getting him.

I sure do like this one...happy I got him.

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