Kudos To The Community: Again You Save Me From Giving Up

Last Update: Oct 3, 2022

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Hard to believe, but I've been with WA for over four years. I've learned so much in that time, but I have come up against some formidable obstacles. Thanks to the community, I have safely traveled through my storms.

I've seen a pattern in this four+ years. I'll go along smoothly for quite some time; then will suddenly be stopped by a brick wall. Something has detained me -- something that must be resolved before I can continue.

Very often it's just a small thing, but it still demonstrates that "monkey wrench thrown in the works" outcome. Until I find a solution, I am not going anywhere.

That's when the community jumps into action. I ask a question, and receive several responses. When I assimilate all that information, I often find my answer, or at least a clue to the answer. Then, thanks to you folks, I can go around that blockade.

You have saved me many times.

Yesterday presented a prime example. I publish on Wednesday and Sunday, and that practice has become a law for me, set in stone. I feel a strong obligation to be consistent.

So, as it was Sunday, I had to publish yesterday. I had a post ready, designed as a place to offer toys for bored cats. I had the little bit of text written and had selected the products I wished to use. All that was left: adding Amazon affiliate links.

It's been a long time since I've added affiliate links, as have been concentrating on building up the product line in my jewelry boutique, and making video "shorts" of many of them.

I use block editor, and still need to learn more about using it. So, when it came time to add several Amazon affiliate links, I could not remember how to do them.

Time was short -- I had to get the post finished, so could publish. Many of you offered suggestions, and I thank all of you for doing so. Eventually, your very helpful messages led me to the "aha" moment when it all fell in place.

What a relief! I got the post published, the cat fed, and was ready for my friend at 5:30 when she came for pizza and cribbage. The evening became a celebration, instead of being accompanied by a funeral dirge.

Believe me, I slept well last night. In fact, Mocha and I both slept in. Usually I am up by 7:00, as the cat wants to eat, but it was 8:00 when Mocha told me we needed to arise.

And, I won my cribbage bame. It was a close one, but I pegged out at the end.

For those of you who have just joined this organization, learn the power of this community. I've never seen another like it. Now you can overcome challenges, because the community's got your back. Ask, and you will receive -- sometimes many answers.

So often I've been helped along on my journey. Again, thank you, thank you, all of you who have responded to my cry for help over the past four+ years. Because of you, I've stayed on the forward path. Yesterday was no exception.

The solution to my problem was actually quite simple -- I only had to take a couple more steps in the right direction and my problem was resolved. I don't believe it would have happened without your fine assistance!

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Hi Fran, Catching up with my email and read your blog. Very happy to hear that you received helpful information that enabled you to resolve your problem and moved on. I can relate to that when sometimes a wall is there and you could not get through.

It happened to me months ago and sent a pm to a member. He sent me choices of links to review. One of the links was the perfect one. I have been smooth sailing with my projects.

Wishing you continued success and shout-out to the wonderful and beautiful WA community!


Yes, this community is certainly splendid. Glad you had a good experience as well. Thanks for your well-wishes.

So happy for you Fran that you got to maintain your discipline of publishing twice weekly.
That would have been devastating if it hadn't happened

The WA community is like no other as you've stated
I'm so happy they came through for you in time
Lovely connecting with you again

Hi Simone!
Slowly but surely, coming back.

That I like to hear :)

Thanks...it's been a good end to a hard process.

Absolutely :)

Fran, Life has had it's road blocks, for me, since I went on cruise in February!
How nice if I could just "ask the community" for the answers!
I'm coming up on 5 years, and working to begin again.
Dog days of summer are over, so getting back to consistant writing is what I need.
Great to see you. again, Friend!

Wow -- Great to see you as well.

I think all your pieces have gone on my site, and some of them have sold. The most recent was that lovely necklace with all the colored flowers; one of the earrings was missing a stone. Because it was older and collectible, it generated a lot of interest.

Good luck on a new beginning. Really glad to have you back.

Thank you, Fran!
As Simone mentioned, I love your 2 days a week posting must!

Good to see you, Barb!


Hi Fran... It was such a joy to see your profile pic, haha. I'd been away for a while, and now I'm back and recognizing pictures from years ago!
I'm so happy you found your way over this hurdle. The community is sure great for helping out, right?
Great to hear from you,

Yes, it is...and good to see you after a long time. Hope we see more of you from here on.

The community is very helpful when you encounter a hurdle.

Keep on hanging in there Fran!

We all experience down turns occasionally when we think it is best to throw in the towel!

But how far away are we from actually succeeding and reaching our dreams??

If we give up we will never know!!

Keep on persevering my friend, the big break through could be a lot closer than we could ever imagine!!

Well, I'd love to see that breakthrough! Meanwhile, as long as this wonderful community offers its excellent support, I doubt I'd really quit.

It won't be very far away Fran, and the community will always be here to help and support you on your journey my friend!

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