Thank you Weird Al - I couldn't have said it better. grammarmatters

Last Update: March 19, 2015

I am cognizant of the fact that English is not all our first language, but this came across my feed today, and, as a charter member of the Grammar Police, I had to share.


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Debbi26 Premium
That was a really cute video but then I'm one of those people that loved to diagram sentences. WEIRD! :-)
tomtitty006 Premium
That,s a great video,there are plenty of hints and tips here,the only thing is you need to write them out.Thanks for sharing.
Indi-Em Premium
I love the video!
fitmomuv3 Premium
Certainly had me in stitches! Gotta be a grammar nazi to really appreciate it!
ClaudB Premium
Hello Sarah,
I guess we could say, "you beat me to the punch". I can't understand the things we do with words/language today. I started a list of terms and misspelled words which were meant for a blog at a later date. I guess someone was looking over my shoulder.
steveo5770 Premium
LOL! That was great. Thanks for sharing that! :)