Sidebar or Not that is the question...

Last Update: August 12, 2013

The question I ask is should side bars be used in your contact me page..about me...privacy policy page...etc.

As I sit and design my new site this question came to mind.....does it matter.....???

I personally like these pages without the sidebar....but I am not the visitor....????

So, should you use them or not or it doesn't matter either way.....????

Any thoughts....thanks...


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Shawn Martin Premium
6 of one...... :)
caylynn Premium
You said "personally I like these pages without the sidebar" - listen to your 'gut'. Or check it metrically with GA if you are really curious. If you have sidebars on other pages or links on the ones you don't want sidebars. Guess you are okay.^_~
fishing Premium
Agreed it does not seem to be a big deal, perhaps just a personal least no one has weighed in on it being bad....thanks for the comment caylynn
kamali Premium
I think having sidebars is good. But if you have a really nice theme you might be able to pull it off.

If the information people want is there and they have a way to get to other information your site, then they will prob live with you not having a side bar.
fishing Premium
I like the side bars in the rest of the site, because they are useful...but I find in those other areas contact etc. they are not needed....there is other navigation to move around the site, just not a sidebar.......thanks for the comment Kamil...
wtbee2013 Premium
where would you put comments and where do you put your banners when you monetize it. I guess if it is a blog roll and you are not going to monetize it, that works great. ; O)
fishing Premium
Again comments and such, I find have no use on these pages....I do have navigation on the pages....I use sidebar on other pages of the site and comments on all posts....thanks for the comment wtbee2013..