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October 10, 2013
I just hate trying to read a article that has been written for a university thesis...not the general public...who are they trying to impress...most won't or can't read it any way so it is a waste of time to do....unless your target audience are professional or highly educated folks...:) Does it matter, well of course it does, if your audience can't read or understand your post or content...your better off going fishing or something rather than writing content very few people coming to your site
August 29, 2013
Another Google algorithm is on the move... Something new from google does it affect you, can you take advantage of this....????
The question I ask is should side bars be used in your contact me page..about me...privacy policy page...etc. As I sit and design my new site this question came to mind.....does it matter.....??? I personally like these pages without the sidebar....but I am not the visitor....???? So, should you use them or not or it doesn't matter either way.....???? Any thoughts....thanks... Tim
August 08, 2013
Is anyone using polls on their site....I am looking for a way to add a poll to my site....any suggestions...
July 08, 2013
This came in my mail this morning....Just thought I would pass it on as I found it interesting....
July 04, 2013
Hello all I am looking for some thoughts on this article....Does it flow well, it follows a good path it does not jump around? Easy to read, enough fishing info to get started fishing at this location...What do you guys think...Thanks for your thoughts appreciated...
Ok it happened again, what the *&^% the damn site was gone with all and any traffic that I did get at the time (it wasn’t much, but some)…..Not de indexed…..I think it landed on Pluto or somewhere in outer space….It was so far back I never did find it but it was still indexed (check for site indexing with press search)….that was good thing right….To say the least I was pissed with the whole damn world at this point, a couple more months wast
April 20, 2013
I just made a blog about oh a few hours ago....Number two on the first page, it could not have taken more than a few minutes to get there...Just saying, it is just more proof of what Carson was mentioning...Wow that was fast......Can't get much better than that....
Well my first site here at WA was a great learning experience that is for sure I learned so much from it. After all the trouble I had with it from bad backlinks as the Panda made its way around in March of 2012, I was hit and hit hard....2000 visitors a thing I know no traffic and wiped right off of the indexed I was shocked all that hard work gone....I made mistakes and I paid for happens I was new and did a few things the time it felt so right...The
March 21, 2013
Hello folks I am looking for a real good free SEO tool that is fairly easy to understand.....I have been searching for SEO tools and have come across many....but some are just so complicated I don't understand what they are telling me half the timeLooking for something easy to understand and user friendly...Is there such a beast out there...???Thanks