Last Update: October 10, 2013

I just hate trying to read a article that has been written for a university thesis...not the general public...who are they trying to impress...most won't or can't read it any way so it is a waste of time to do....unless your target audience are professional or highly educated folks...:)

Does it matter, well of course it does, if your audience can't read or understand your post or content...your better off going fishing or something rather than writing content very few people coming to your site will is hard enough to get folks to read an entire article...

Oh yeah its true very few actually will read the entire article....some perhaps....????

This comes in the mail this morning and is something that I have been somewhat privee to in the past, and in general I write to my audience the way I would talk to them...yes and no...???:)

If your not keeping in touch with the readability of your content check this is cool...

Just thought it would be of interest...:)

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Hudson Premium
Many of the Ezine articles raise good points and give us another view. I always read these, as they are usually short and to the point, something else we might need to take heed of
Labman Premium Plus
The ezine article is well worth the read. Love the gobbledygook process for determining reading grade level.

Thanks, well worth the time spent.
fishing Premium
I thought it was interesting also....
kws123 Premium
What I write has to please me or it goes in the trash, if I happen to please others its icing on the cake.