One year anniversary - 7 days ago

Last Update: January 16, 2016

Hello dear WA comunity! I'm so happy to share with you this ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY as an active member of Wealthy Affiliate. I missed the exact date on January 8, because the new year started with many new activities.

I've passed through tons of highs and lows, learned a lot and achieved to establish two websites. They are growing towards a business foundation for my future.

Website Nr. 1:

This is the first website where I put all the research and experience which I've accumulated over the years. Starting out as a theologian, becoming a pastor and getting a PhD in this field, I specialized in the field of stress regulation and organizational development. Here on my site I basically cover the first area: fighting stress and unlocking ressources.

My motto is: BEST NATURAL STRESS RELIEVER with the focus on Holistic View of Health Promotion. My basic insight: the heart is more than a pump. This new insight turned my whole life around. It opened a total new perspective. This post shows you why, not an everyday read:

Over the months, I got many encouraging and inspiring comments. Thank you so much all of you contributors! And in return I got a chance to read and comment some really outstanding posts.

Website Nr. 2:

This is my second site, still in the beginning, not with the same speed and ease as the first one, because my working scedule has changed. But nevertheless a great experience.

Hail to all of you!

I'm really priviledged to be a part of such a great community with more than technical support. It's a circle of friends I don't want to miss anymore. I discovered a whole new world. In addition to that, over social medias, I learn so much about what's going on in the world in all areas of life.


What I really like to do is offering COACHING ONLINE over my homepage. I'm familiar with Skype and other platforms. Now I would like to promote my service over the internet. Does anyone have experience with that as a professional coach? Would be great to get in touch with you and learn!

In the meanwhile I'm letting this heart fly over to you. It stands for that which is most important in my life: the true relationship from person to person. Cach it if you can ;-)

Take care of your heart!


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KatieMac Premium
Happy anniversary seems like it has been a good first year and congratulations on your achievements, caught the heart could do with a new one
Firekeeper Premium
thanks for the wishes, Katie!
A light heart is always good to aspire ;-)
Cheers, Stefan
Calamutz Premium
Well done Firekeeper. And thanks for your "flying heart" I caught it immediately ;-)

Let's keep in touch

Firekeeper Premium
Thanks for catching the special balloon, Barbara!
Take care, Stefan
MisterWailor Premium
Great job. Keep it up.
Firekeeper Premium
thank you, Mister!
Maxiam59 Premium
congratulations and I can see you are well on your way to success and God Bless all the best Max
Firekeeper Premium
Thanks Max, same to you!
RoopeshG Premium
Congratulations to you on your anniversary.
Firekeeper Premium
Thank you very much!