We're Just About Over The Hurdle

Last Update: Jun 13, 2020

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Hello Everyone. It's me again, wanting to encourage everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate. We're just about over the hurdle, the crisis is just about over. We are almost free and ready to run the race again. Life will be back to normal and we'll be able to visit and eat in restaurants, go to the park, swimming, and camping again.

I have missed, camping under starry skies at night. Roasting hotdogs over a campfire playing my guitar and singing in front of a campfire with friends and family and I miss coffee with friends at my favorite cafe, sooo! Now it's almost back to normal, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now what we have to remember is not to forget our online businesses, for us all who still work out there in the world, we must not get to busy to neglect the things that are important, family, friends and our websites. I am talking to myself here as well, because I tend to get myself very busy with so many other things and then I'm too tired to work on my site. No more! My site will not be neglected. I just finished another blog about decorating the outside patio or deck and gardening.

Be diligent, be happy, and take care of yourselves.

Deborah (Firefli20)

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Hello Deborah, so much truth here.
Like you say as life starts to return to normal, it is so easy to get caught up in daily routine and neglect our business commitments.
I have been placed on furlough for the next 2 weeks, so I will use the time I would have usually spent at work building my own business.

Let's see where we are in 2 weeks time.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Well done, Deborah! You should be able to go camping though, already--no problems here in Kansas USA anyway!


Hi Deborah. It would be nice to be in a season where everything seems normal. I have worked through this crisis and the only change I have noticed lately is that people are weary and ready to hear some good news for a change.
Here in the US I am not sure we will see a lot of normal since we are now entering the election season.
I just keep praying and hoping that there will be a new season, but in the meantime we have to try and stay on our target, whatever that is.

Blessings on you as well, keep believing keep praying it will come. Sometimes when we look at what's happening around us it can seem impossible but we know it isn't. Take heart and keep on course, run the race, and look up. Deb

My family camped under the stars last night. It was in our side yard, but we had fun. The cot was not the most comfortable, but it made our granddaughter very happy, so it was worth it. We have missed our once a week coffee with friends, but Minnesota opened up restaurants this past week, so we shall be doing that again soon!

Hope things open up for you so you, too can enjoy more of these things you have been missing!

I think I am going to tell my boss that since working at home has been a great fit for me and that I can do my job in less hours without all of the distractions at work, that I want to continue to work at home for less hours and see what he thinks. That would free me up to work on my businesses...

It seems like it would be a win for both of us.

With 2020 vision,
Karin 😁

Sounds like a great thought I hope it works out for you. Yes our restaurants and coffee shops have been open for a week now in Alberta Canada. Movie Theaters opened on Monday and Hospitals are operating on those who need it. Some National Parks are open as well. I bet your grand daughter was so happy. Sounds fun. Stay well. Deb

I’ve actually been working on my online business more since returning to work than I did the entire two months I was out of work. It’s crazy. I guess I just needed the kickstart back into the real world in order to want to do any work. Thanks for the encouragement. Loved the post.

Thank you Erika.

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