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Last Update: September 02, 2013

Now we all know that content is king when building a website, but it always helps when a king has a nice chair to sit on right? I've created a new website that I'm building up slowly but surely, but i feel it's lacking a few things but I'm not sure what it could use? I have several questions and honestly any other advice aside from them would be appreciated. You know everything counts!

Here's my site and my niche is Japanese comics(manga)

Now i have several questions but the first one would be: How does it look?

I picked a theme that is simple and easy to read, because easy to read is how i like it; but then the questions begs, is it too plain? Would you bother reading if this was a topic pertaining to you?

The next one is a question on the framework of my site, as of now i don't have a landing page; my home page is a constant blog roll, but should i have a landing page? Then make a separate page for the blog?

Continuing on is my content too short, is it too long?

Is there any plugin you would recommend?

Everything needs work, and everything can improve; and that's why i had to go out and ask the question. I needed help, i want to improve so that's why I'm reaching out to all of you. Every of feedback, positive or negative would be great. If you notice anything else that could use improvement please drop a hint! I want to know how i can improve my site, and thanks to all of you who took time out of their busy schedules to help me out. It really means alot!

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Labman Premium Plus
Yup, add visuals, manga is a visual thing.
CliffMP Premium
Hi Fiore... the best way to answer ALL your questions is this....

These are only a small sampling..... But... but.... but.... What's the ONE THING they all have in common that's missing from your site....? Something that's critical for a 'manga' site.....

If you can guess... or cannot guess.... you can improve the site with a bunch of free stuff over here......

Good Job! Good Start! and Good Luck!

Fiore Premium
Thanks for the hint, ill do some research and see how i can differentiate myself!