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September 15, 2013
Keyword Research is great, i do it all the time. But you have to let your content flow naturally afterwords right? Sometimes when you write you get ranked under other keywords you had never thought of! About a week ago i wrote a new post on my blog, and today i looked to see if it was indexed. Lone behold it's the number two site for that keyword! Crazy luck right? I accidentally came across one of those low hanging fruit; in fact my keyword is the only one in competing pages under google. And
September 09, 2013
So it's not very big yet. So it's not filled with too much content. The layout could be better. But guess what? That's all fine! It's all a process to keep getting better right? But what's great is that now it's mine. Like making my home more shiny for guests, i can polish my website. Did you see that, i can say my website! Let me just add on that i have my own email. Now i'm on my way to my first dollar; and boy hopefully that's just as exciting! Everyone stay strong, and keep working hard; be
September 05, 2013
Look all around the world, and count how many you's there. Wait, that only leaves one doesn't it? Of course it does! Now search the internet and see how many websites are made by you, not all that many right? You get my point. Everybody is unique, and they should stay unique to themselves! Now if your wondering why this is so important... just keep reading. I'm pretty new here, and I've learned a lot in the short time I've been here which has been what, almost a month now? Anyways if there is a
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September 02, 2013
Now we all know that content is king when building a website, but it always helps when a king has a nice chair to sit on right? I've created a new website that I'm building up slowly but surely, but i feel it's lacking a few things but I'm not sure what it could use? I have several questions and honestly any other advice aside from them would be appreciated. You know everything counts! Here's my site and my niche is Japanese comics(manga) Now i have several
August 30, 2013
So after being on Wealthy Affiliate for over a near month, simply reading through the forums and trying out different ideas on the creation of my own website; i figured it was finally time to take the next step. In fact its rather exciting that so much information was available to free members, that i had to take my time sifting through it all. That's exactly what encouraged me to take the next step and finally go premium. There is a lot of great stuff in the beginner membership, but there se
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