Limited-Time Affiliate Opportunity for Motherhood Niche

Last Update: October 09, 2017

Hello everyone,

If you happen to be in motherhood niche, or involved in a motherhood community, there is an affiliate opportunity for you.

Next week, there will be THE MOM CONFERENCE.

What is The Mom Conference?

This is a totally FREE 3-day online event (17-19 October 2017) featuring 20 speakers who're going to talk about various topics of motherhood / parenting.

So, where's the money?

This is the interesting part.

Every day during the conference, the organizer will release 6-7 video presentations (via emails to only those who registers) and let them watch for free for the next 24 hours. After that, it is gone. The link's not gonna work anymore.

So, if someone really wants to have access to all of the presentations, they can purchase all of the videos as the bundles (so here comes the money =)).

Why promote The Mom Conference?

This conference offers 50%commission (with bundles ranging from $67 to $100+). So, when someone purchase via your link, you can easily get $30+. Cool, right?

The good thing is, the conference organizer has everything prepared for you, affiliates:

  • images to share on social medias
  • text to share on Instagram / twitter / facebook, etc
  • even a full-detailed email if you prefer to send emails to your mailing list.
  • also affiliate facebook group to ask questions or share promotion strategy

So, I guess anyone involved in motherhood niche / community should take advantage of this affiliate opportunity.


Here's how to sign up as an affiliate

Go to, scroll down to the footer until you see link 'REGISTER AS AN AFFILIATE'.

There, you will be shown all the images/ text that you can use for promotion.

But, you are not done yet.

Scroll down even more to find blue button "REGISTER NOW TO BE AN AFFILIATE" then enter your details and follow the next instruction.

You still have 1 full week to promote to your friends and community.

Good luck,


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laurenjean Premium
Awesome Rina, Thank You! How are you? I miss you. Hope all is going brilliantly your side.
fiftarina Premium
Hi Lauren, I’m good, thank you. It’s been a while since I posted updates here. Hopefully I can post more often in the future =)
rosieM Premium
Now THAT'S what a good networker is all about!!! What a great opportunity for anyone in related niches and it comes with an already urgent "countdown" feature. Countdown feature can be very effective and the urgency is real...many are see thru hoaxes.
Kudos to you!!!