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Hello good people of WA!The community here is great in a sense that, anyone could ask any question related to on-line marketing, and you will have many experienced and knowledgeable people who will be willing to help.However, I have noticed that there are many questions which are often confusing, or lacking details with regards to the topic at hand. In order for people here at WA to help you, enough information regarding the situation have to be provided. In other words, you need to give CONTEX
When I first started out with building my website, I had a rush of excitement and drive. That initial adrenaline helped me to stay focused as I went through lesson after lesson, and at the same time creating pages after pages of content.However, as many of you may have come to realise, that the initial drive and motivation will start to drain out after a while of working non-stop on your website. Hence, it eventually came to a point where I developed a habit or "a ritual" before, and while work
Hello everyone at WA!I have been with WA for almost 3 months now, and the experience have been nothing short of awesome!Have I made any money yet? No, not at all. However, there are a number of positive things that I have managed to achieve thus far:- Meeting more people on-line form all walks of life (especially at WA) - Followers on social media sites increasing (especially Google plus) - My newer posts/pages are ranking much better th