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Last Update: February 14, 2012

Hello WAers! 

Today, you can promote your online biz on my blog!
Yes, that's right. Go ahead and check it out.
You can write a little bit about yourself and even
add a link or two from your site. 
Affiliate links are not allowed, but you can link 
to your site linking to your affiliate link.
In order to do this, you need to have an avatar.
The avatar can be either your real picture or
a picture of your choice, but it needs to be
something. I will not approve non-avatar introductions.
Make sure you read the article before you do 
In case, you don't know where you can promote 
yourself it in the commenting area.
To your success
Sylviane Nuccio


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Labman Premium Plus
Thanks Sylviane, I'll take advantage of this when I can decide which site to link. Appreciate the backlink all the same.
Ezinewriter Premium
Yes, Labman, please, do so. The earlier you do it the more people will see :)
jatdebeaune Premium
What a nice opportunity Sylviane. I just may take you up on it, later this evening, after work. Thank you.
Ezinewriter Premium
Hi Joan, I hope you do. Also, if you have an avatar you can add it to your bio on the article that you have posted on my blog in the past. on the promo comment you can also link to that article if you want .... just an idea :) you don't have too. lost of thing to do to get noticed!