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My name is Sylviane Nuccio. I was born and raised in Lyon, France, but I have lived in the US for some time now.

I have had many jobs and occupations, and one of them is French and Spanish interpreter and translator.

My true passion, however, is internet marketing, and writing. I also love animals (cats especially, big and small) and the great outdoors. I am more of a country side person than a city girl, even though I lived in Lyon, Paris and New York which are big cities.

I have been with WA for 3 years now, and like many others here, I've learned a lot and progressed enormously in knowledge about this IM business.

It was my pleasure to be able to create some tutorials that have helped new members right here at WA. You can find these right here on the right hand side column of this page.

I can say of myself that I like to speak my mind and have not always said what people wanted to hear, and that has made me an "outsider" in some instances in my life. But who likes a blinded sheep? I know I don't!

One of the reasons why I really wanted to make it in this business is that I hated going to a JOB also called a "Just Over Broke" occupation. I hate to answer to someone and I am a very independent person.

I am also, someone that would help another person to the death if I have to, which can also be a downfall, so if you need help or have questions, please let me know.

To your success,
Sylviane Nuccio aka Ezinewriter
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Winners Circle Premium
I just joined today and ready to start. Passion is always the key to success. Keep up the good work.
Josipa Premium
Thank you for your good advices and being my buddy. I have so much to learn yet... :-)
cumberland Premium
You are so lucky to be able to write. It was never my stong suit. I will read your tutorials. Thank You, Brad
BizzyLady Premium
Greetings Ezinewriter! Thanks for connecting! I look forward to networking with you. Peace & Blessings!
jason_ong Premium
hi, Sylviane, i am new member in WA,i hope you don't mind i added you to my buddy list.Thank you