SAnta is Real- So is Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: December 24, 2019

Santa IS real when it comes to being naughty or nice in your work ethic at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have been a good boy/girl and followed the training, focused, and put in the hard work required to be successful in any field, you will have lots of presents under your Christmas tree.

Maybe not tonight because you are new and just found this amazing platform. But future visits from WA Santa is up to you. Nobody else. YOU.

If you have been naughty and just think that MMO success comes easily without putting in the work, you will find very little under your WA Christmas tree tomorrow morning.

If you are HOPING for Wealthy Affiliate Santa to come by your abode, get real. Change that thought pattern and get to work. WA gives you all the tools and resources to change your life.

What are you waiting for?

Make a commitment to being on WA Santa's overnight delivery list and make 2020 the breakout year that sets you and yours up for life.

Merry Christmas to all and a Prosperous New Year to each and every one willing to change their lives.


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Dhind1 Premium Plus
Happy Holidays.

Your post is spot on,

Expecting change while doing the same thing is insanity.
However, man people are just that insane and stuck in a rut - it takes real effort to effect change. We have to beat our previous selves into submission to allow a "new self" to be born.

I know how difficult this is to do as I am, still struggling with it daily. But recognizing the struggle and working towards change is the right step.

I wish you the greatest of success.
thelungdoc Premium
Merry Christmas -

What! There's no WA Santa!

I guess that means I have to actually do some work, plan for success, have a schedule and keep to it, write on my blog and be nice to the comments.

It is certainly great to be here - I think WA Santa has given us all a gift - it is just up to us to use it. Keep up the great work!

Love your posts - always something a little different.

ExpatMark Premium
Thanks David and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Carson2 Premium
Ho ho holy cow Mark. Is it Christmas?
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
To WA SAnta and a prosperous 2020!

🥂 Cheers,
Tmgreen Premium Plus
I like that analogy. WA Santa.

Have a great holiday season!