I know I am successful when . . .

Last Update: March 31, 2020

It’s easy to get caught up in the exterior metrics of success and before we know it, habitual thoughts develop that don’t serve anything except the promotion of gloom and feelings of failure.

  • How many people are following me on Facebook, Twitter?
  • How many visitors have I had at my website?
  • Have I had any organic comments on my website today?
  • How much money did I make this month?

Don’t add to this list but pause for a moment for some honest reflection.

If I asked you to add to the list; could you?

We use these exterior metrics to judge how successful we are, and these judgments have an impact on how happy we are.

Such judgments don’t serve us

“I know I’m successful when…” is a powerful tool to find clarity on what really drives and motivate us.

Here are some of mine

I know I’m successful when…

  1. I’ve planned my day the day before or at the latest before I do anything today.
  2. I have time on my calendar every week for personal development and personal growth.
  3. I have time on my calendar every week to nurture my spirit. Sport, time outdoors . . .
  4. When clients refer clients.
  5. I read books, follow / participate in courses, listen to podcasts
  6. I spend time offline during the workday
  7. Writing posts

What makes you feel good?

Write you own list and act.

I know I’m successful when…

Wishing you a wonderful day

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GerLeijen Premium
Simple but, powerful!

My view of success is similar to yours my friend. Getting page likes is great ‘n all but, doesn’t float my boat. It’s an inward job.

Peace, joy and love 1st - the $$will come.

Each baby step I take toward my goals brings success to my day, after-all, we only have today.

Peace ✌️

exgrosteve Premium
Thanks Ger, Simple is the way 😊. It reminds me of the Buddhist quote about every journey starting with a single step. Once we get things right on the inside, it reflects to the outer world. It's all happening right now, in this moment.
Happy . . . . Wednesday, ha ha, that took a while and you didn't see the "Tuesday" typo.
GerLeijen Premium
😅 I have the same trouble with the days, there are no weekends anymore.

exgrosteve Premium
Just plenty of days 😊🌈
Twack Premium
That is a really great tool Steve, I'll have a crack at that list.
I could use it now, as I managed to cut the back lawn before it actually started to grow again, first cut of the year and already ahead of the game, I am successful. 😊
exgrosteve Premium
Thanks Twack. The lawmowers have been out if force around here. As always, wishing you much success.
Isaiah14 Premium
I see your point Steve. I've always felt that success is relative to each of us and can't really be measured.

For some, it might be "how many likes did I get on facebook or emails to join my site".

But for me it would be, did I invest in myself today? read a good book, grow in a particular area, take some time to improve my writing and other skills needed for my business, time to reflect. I would still consider these a success, even though I can't really put a metric or number on the results. Maybe that's a good thing because how would I know if I failed or fell short?

Thanks for the post!
Isaiah 😊
exgrosteve Premium
Hi Isaiah, yes indeed, success is relative to each of us. Self-investment is a big part of that for me too.
Have a great day
accad Premium
When I see my goals realized.
resty1984 Premium
yes your right sir thank you