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May 21, 2020
It's another beautiful day in paradise and as soon as I'm done here, it's time for a dash on the mountain bike before phase two of this awesome day begins; in my humble opinion it's well-deserved. Personal rewards and celebrations are essential.What's This About Plummeting Rank?Well, funny old thing, but the start of the lock down here in France coincided with a sharp increase in business and related projects. I notice today that my WA rank has dropped from somewhere close to 30 down to 248 tod
April 08, 2020
Hello Everybody,Greetings and Bonjours from the south of France where spring is putting on a big show with some incredible blossoms and raised temperatures. Summer is on the way and I don't need a calendar to tell me that. The Tramontana is blowing through the vineyards and on the back of that, the beautiful extreme of the summer which will demand adapting the way we do things here.I sincerely hope that everybody is well and managing in these times of challenge and you too are looking forward t
April 01, 2020
There are no shortage of articles, studies or training courses about what it takes to be successful in life or business. These are worth checking-in with from time to time not only because they serve as positive reminders but also because they can highlight where we might need to direct our attention and learning.In support of some friends who have found it necessary to distance themselves from Wealthy Affiliate activity recently, I will start with what might be, at least on the surface, seen a
It’s easy to get caught up in the exterior metrics of success and before we know it, habitual thoughts develop that don’t serve anything except the promotion of gloom and feelings of failure.How many people are following me on Facebook, Twitter?How many visitors have I had at my website?Have I had any organic comments on my website today?How much money did I make this month?Don’t add to this list but pause for a moment for some honest reflection.If I asked you to add to the li
March 30, 2020
Sometimes you just have to write, talk, sing or dance – do whatever it takes to make you happy.If we allow it, social distancing might suck us into depths of despair. For some, the consequences of distancing might lead to pain, and some won’t recover because they need the social to survive. Yet the positive socials can be found in the most unlikely of places thanks to the power of technology.Almost two weeks ago, we were told that restrictions had been applied to protect us. Some pe
March 25, 2020
No getting lost in the hectic, high-registering sounds of chaos in the world today. Instead, let’s take a stroll down a lane of beautiful symphony. Share the love, joy and optimism, it’s too easy to become lost in the uncoordinated riot of chaos that surrounds us. Let’s take a breath and relax. Focus on being not doing.It’s too easy to focus on these dark times. Be strong, fight, push through, dominate . . . all of that takes considerable energy, it’s distracting a
March 24, 2020
The Adversity ProcessGiven current world events, it’s not difficult to notice how blame has been laid at many doors and that blaming process has filtered down into the smallest corners of the planet. Yesterday a farmer complained about a family of four out walking. He saw their walk as irresponsible and claimed they could be spreading the virus. Yet people have been advised that getting out in the fresh air is good for us so long as we keep our distance.As many are aware, I choose to keep
March 23, 2020
Don’t Dance AloneI have just spent an hour surfing around social media, WA blog posts and thinking. One of the things that is now firmly in mind is how many humans dance alone and how many more find themselves doing so in these challenging times.A post by Dave07 relating his “challenging” week at the pharmacy raised a lot of questions. Added to that my wife’s midwifery experiences of last week have cast a shadow on an already tough time. It seems that people are putting
March 20, 2020
A few hours ago, one of my writer friends said he couldn’t write. I asked the obvious, “writers block, David”? His response made me smile, I would have answered the question in a comparable way. “No, Steve, it’s not writers block, it’s far worse. At least when I suffer from ‘the block’ I write something and eventually I stop procrastinating and get back on track”.“What could be worse”?“I’m not sure what to call it. I&
March 19, 2020
We have to step back, take a breath and relax. What will be, will be. BEing HUMAN.Namasté