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Last Update: April 01, 2020

There are no shortage of articles, studies or training courses about what it takes to be successful in life or business. These are worth checking-in with from time to time not only because they serve as positive reminders but also because they can highlight where we might need to direct our attention and learning.

In support of some friends who have found it necessary to distance themselves from Wealthy Affiliate activity recently, I will start with what might be, at least on the surface, seen as a negative step on the success journey. It is also one I have taken recently because negativity of course, is not helpful. There is no room for it.

One of my mentors in the coaching industry only works with “kings”. Well, he works with women too, he simply uses “kings” to make a point. In other words, he chooses to work only with people he sees at a particular level of success and his aim is to take them higher. To 10X their success. There’s nothing personal involved. If a person doesn’t make the mark, he respectfully tells them he is not the coach for them.

Working in the personal development industry and particularly because of a psychology background, I must admit that I had some difficulty with this. Surely, everybody who needs help and support should get that support if they are willing to pay for it? Not just in monetary terms either. Yet, I knew very well from experience that we cannot be all things to all people no matter how much help they might need. It’s been a challenging journey and I now know who sits in my “kings” profile.

How Does This Support WA Friends?

Simple really. The type of people they talked about in their posts do not fit into my kings’ profile and this profile is applied across all aspects of my life. I can think of a dozen psychological reasons why they are the way they are but that isn’t going to help anybody. There is only one way forward. If people behave in a way that diverts my attention from my success journey, I drive around them and continue forward. I do not wish them “ill”, there is just no place for them in my world unless they positively raise their profile and approach the community in a manner that celebrates differences. In differences there are learning and growth opportunities.

Traits in Common

Analyze any successful people and you will discover several similarities. Here’s a brief overview.

Success Needs Discipline

Successful people focus on making their life or businesses work. They work to eliminate obstacles or distractions to their goals. Strategies are in place and they have approaches to accomplish them. Success demands discipline and steps are taken every day toward the achievement of objectives.


There are no questions about whether success is possible or whether they are worthy of success. Successful people are confident with the knowledge that they have what it takes and will find success in what they do. They are confident in their abilities.

Open Minds

All events and situations are potential opportunities. Ideas are created about life-flow, workflows and productivity, people skills and potential innovative ideas or business. They openly look at everything around them and focus it toward their goals or move on if it’s not relevant.


Successful people know that if something needs to be done, they should start it themselves. They set the boundaries and make sure their projects follow that path. Proactiveness comes first, they don’t wait for permission.


One component of creativity is being able to connect unrelated events or situations. Successful people often produce solutions which are a combination of other items. They are great at adjusting and adapting and do not fear change.


If there are any defeats, they are looked at as opportunities for success. Determination makes their activities succeed. They will do and do again and do not believe that something cannot be done.

Communication Skills

Success demands effective communication skills. They are particularly good at highlighting the benefits of any situation and coaching others to their success.

Strong Work Ethic

Successful people do what must be done. It might be challenging but it is not hard work.


I love what I do and the thought of sitting at my desk to work is exciting. The thrill of delivering group or individual coaching sessions is priceless. Learning about and researching ways to improve fills me with joy.

There is no end to success. It doesn’t have an end point because it’s a continuous journey. There is no box called success that’s neatly tied with a ribbon when done. It is a lifelong journey.

What does success look like to you?

Wishing you a wonderful day

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sbarrow4 Premium
Steve, nothing wrong with being selfish to achieve what you want. You need to focus on yourself to get there. Nobody can achieve unless you look after yourself first. The doesn't mean that you wont care, have empathy, kindness and love in everything you do.
Have a great day
Makinitwork Premium
When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Thank you for the post. Jen
exgrosteve Premium
🙏😊 Thank you Jen. Short comment Internet keeps dropping. Take care. S
JeffreyBrown Premium
Ha Ha, Steve! I consider myself successful, each time I wake up to a new day, my friend! Great post!

exgrosteve Premium
LOL, I consider success today when the Internet is working and I can connect Jeff. Thank you, Steve
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's a good one too, my friend! Be safe, Steve!
resty1984 Premium
There`s a flash back to me upon reading your blog I experience something also before thank you and have a nice day
exgrosteve Premium
Hi Resty, There's a few million thoughts out there. It's what makes the Internet such a rich learning environment. Have a great day.
resty1984 Premium
Thank you sir.