How Wealthy Affiliate is Not Just Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: October 10, 2016

When I joined WA a few months ago my focus was on learning affiliate marketing as a secondary income stream. However after studying the courses (and I haven't finished all the Bootcamp ones yet) I have realised I can now take all those great tips and teachings and promote my own product.

As some might know I am also a photographer (and ethical hacker - too many hats). But since building my website a couple of years ago my search traffic has been a bit abysmal.

My website did not have a real focus and nothing was keyworded. Whilst I could code websites and write copy I did not at the time know the importance of key wording and how to find those keywords.

Marketing or the Lack of It

I was the worlds worst marketer. Okay I am not great now but I now know so many more ways to promote myself and what I do whilst offering people what they need. And whilst I had a few hundred Twitter followers and Facebook followers I had no idea how to leverage those followers.

Enter Wealthy Affilate. The training on key wording, writing great content and social media and engagement has really helped me overcome my lack of knowledge.

But not only that, there is other great training here recorded and written by other members that has been pretty fantastic. The weekly live webinars (which luckily are recorded as I am usually asleep) go into even more depth.

Where Do I Go Today

This weekend I did some soul searching about where my photographic focus was going to be. Sadly this is going to make me need to compete with one of the photographers who shares my studio in one area - but my product offering is going to be a little different. However I had warned him before sharing a studio that this was the direction I might go in.

So today I am starting the rebrand and rewrite of my website. Targeting the keywords that I now wish to be found on. I will also be using the techniques learnt in the courses to drive some traffic to the prints I have for sale. (And I will have to focus and add more prints to keep the product fresh)

I am a little excited and a little bit nervous. But hopefully this will end up being a more lucrative income stream than my IT work.

My only other issue is that the photographer who shares my studio has put their branding all over the studio. And seems to try and book his work for most days - leaving me with just the evenings there. I should have reined it in before now - but yeah I hate confrontation.

So thanks Wealthy Affiliate and community - you have given me focus and motivation. As well as the knowledge I needed to market.

(And oops I got carried away with writing again)

Have a great Monday


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RoopeshG Premium
Hi Evie
I hear you.WA certainly opens the door to not just affiliate marketing but to other stuff too.These skills really come in handy.

All the best in your confrontation.
Heidi56 Premium
I can relate to what you are doing. My websites all need a re-do, too many things were missing, I didn't know too many things and paid people didn't do it for me. So I am in the full process of updating the websites before I think about marketing and analytics and all that stuff.
Have you published your photos somewhere? I like taking photos as an amateur and like to see good ones which are not photoshopped too much.....
EvieSmith Premium
At the moment I am revamping my logo and working on a new color palette. Trying to look at new fonts to as in my current logo the words are too small. Illustrator and suitcase fusion are causing me to bash my head against the wall today though
Heidi56 Premium
Bashing our heads against an ever new issue with the website thing seems to be normal now.....
bbqfirepit Premium
Keep applying and you will be successful!

Be blessed!