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November 14, 2017
I have decided to leave WA when my premium membership ends next week and I'd like to thank everyone for their help over the past 18 months and to all those who wrote training guides.I've decided to move on as I found that I was spending less and less time here. In the end I was just using WA for hosting and I moved my last site from here last week. My cat site is still up and running and the amount made each month keeps growing, I started my next site doing photo and Photoshop training (promoti
February 28, 2017
I know that we have all done the training where Kyle talks about engagement and how important it is. But I wonder if we all know how really important it is to understand the people coming to your site. I'm going to tell you a bit of a story, not about affiliate marketing, but how I really knew that engaging with your customers was a key to success. Sitting comfortably? Once upon a time... (sorry that was a previous story) - ahemAs a few of you might know I am also a photographer (I have just st
It's been a pretty fraught 2 weeks and I have not worked on either of my sites in 11 days.Firstly my cat came down with pancreatitis - no idea how as she gave up alcohol years ago. So I spent 5 consecutive days at the vets and fed her with a syringe. She feels more chipper now.Second, i had a commission to write over 40 articles for a website - all needed doing in 8 days (I finished with three hours to spare) - whew wish I could now do that on my site.Now i am having grief with my property mana
Well I hit my 6 and 7 month anniversary here but I didn't blog as I have been pretty busy re-vamping my websites and starting up another one. But...I just logged on to my Amazon US account just now to create some native shopping ads and just happened to look at the reports and I made 6 sales this week! I had already made a couple of sales in October (someone bought a Ripple Rug) so my Amazon account was safe.All this is on my cat site so its not paying a lot but it has only been going since Apr
When I joined WA a few months ago my focus was on learning affiliate marketing as a secondary income stream. However after studying the courses (and I haven't finished all the Bootcamp ones yet) I have realised I can now take all those great tips and teachings and promote my own product.As some might know I am also a photographer (and ethical hacker - too many hats). But since building my website a couple of years ago my search traffic has been a bit abysmal.My website did not have a real focus
October 02, 2016
Whatever happened to September as it went in a flash. Looking back through my goals of last month I also did not hit most of my goals sadly.However, I went to check my Amazon US account this week to see how long was left before I had to make a sale (as my 180 days are almost up). Only to find I actually had made a sale - and the lovely person had actually bought a product I reviewed. So yay. Way to go Ripple Rug.I did also build a website for a friend this month as I was sick of them saying the
UPDATEThis offer is now closed I am afraid as I used Tony's link. However I will probably purchase again from Amazon in a couple of weeks so will open up the offer again at that time.This is for people using the Amazon Affiliate UK program who have not yet made a sale.I did this a few weeks ago and it worked for one WA member. I now need to make another Amazon purchase (stuff for my cat tbh cost of about £55). Therefore as you know if you dont make an Amazon sale in the first 180 days the
Each month I have been setting myself a set of goals to work toward. I then post them here to probably bore everyone and to keep my focus. This month though I did come to the realisation that my starter niche is probably not going to turn me into a millionaire.However, I began my starter niche - my cat site - mainly because I love cats and cat toys. I thought it would be perfect as a) it's easy to write for so I could get more practice writing, b) can use my cats as models and c) I could try ou
August 24, 2016
My offer I posted here is still open. It is open to anyone who has an Amazon UK affiliate account (you dont have to be based in the UK) and has not yet made a sale. I am not asking anything in return. I just need a link to your webpage that has an amazon uk link and I can use that - you can be selling anything as I will search for the item I want once i get onto amazon.(Sending a reminder as my coffee supply is dangerously low)
I need to do a very small Amazon Uk order this week (I need my coffee beans - so preferably Tuesday). Therefore if you are an Amazon UK affiliate AND haven't made any sales yet and coming to the end of your 180 days I would be happy to use your affiliate link.If you are in this boat then let me know your webpage with your Amazon UK link and I'll use the link there. It'll be first come first served on the order though as I only need coffeebeans atm. So the criteria is Amazon UK only, you have no