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Last Update: August 24, 2016

My offer I posted here is still open. It is open to anyone who has an Amazon UK affiliate account (you dont have to be based in the UK) and has not yet made a sale. I am not asking anything in return. I just need a link to your webpage that has an amazon uk link and I can use that - you can be selling anything as I will search for the item I want once i get onto amazon.

(Sending a reminder as my coffee supply is dangerously low)

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GiuliaB Premium
I'm gonna be cheeky then Evie, as I haven't quite made a sale yet. This is my website:

You will find there a few Amazon links under the review section or from the banners. Naturally, you don't have to order dog stuff, but I know you know that :)

I shall be eternally grateful, Evie, if you can help in any way. And by all means, do let us know how I can help your affiliate business in return.

Thank you
Giulia :) :) :)
EvieSmith Premium
Nothing cheeky as I offered. I'll use your site tomorrow morning. I regularly use Amazon for coffee orders anyhow. Let me know if it goes through ok etc.
EvieSmith Premium
Hi Giulia
I have dropped you a PM. When I go to use your link it looks as though it is defaulting to the Amazon link engine ID rather than your UK affiliate ID. (I can see your ID in the advert for Amazon prime). Do you have all your affiliate IDs set up in the genius affliliate tab?

Once I noticed that I didn't do the purchase as you wouldn't get the credit. let me know if you want me to recheck it - I'll hold off making my purchase until you let me know it's all working correctly as I'd like to make sure you get the credit.
janmar Premium
This is very generous of you. Wish I had a UK account!