Are you an 'About to Expire Amazon UK Associate'?

Last Update: August 22, 2016

I need to do a very small Amazon Uk order this week (I need my coffee beans - so preferably Tuesday). Therefore if you are an Amazon UK affiliate AND haven't made any sales yet and coming to the end of your 180 days I would be happy to use your affiliate link.

If you are in this boat then let me know your webpage with your Amazon UK link and I'll use the link there. It'll be first come first served on the order though as I only need coffeebeans atm. So the criteria is Amazon UK only, you have not made an Amazon UK sale ever and coming to the end of your 180 days. (Sorry to those on Amazon US only)

I know I have no way of policing if people have already made a sale but I'm hoping for fair play. Your commission won't be much but hopefully you'll let me know if it works.

(Sorry I edited the post to change the title as probably some people didn't see it - hopefully it doesn't duplicate the post

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JudeP Premium
That's very kind of you :)
EvieSmith Premium
I just thought it might be useful to someone - after all I have to shop :-)
minitrio Premium
Generous offer, I am not in Amazon as of yet.
EvieSmith Premium
Thanks but as I have to make an order I thought it would be a good idea to give someone a hand