3 Month Mark

Last Update: April 23, 2017

Well, so here we are at the 3 month premium mark and what a journey it has been.

I've managed to follow 550 people and have close to 350 following me.

I haven't been promoting WA yet, as my attention has been on learning marketing.

I have a few ideas now that I can create training that will benefit members for years to come, it just comes down to spending a few hours creating it.

The member rank is slowly lowering at a constant rate and soon I'll break into the top 200.

Anyone who stays the course here and consistently works on their ideas will have success...sooner than you think


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isaacjw Premium
Congratulations Sheldon - onward and upward!
enebeliuk Premium
Congrats. Here's to another 3.
PiscesPieces Premium
All the best
NicoAlpaca Premium
I remember you were one of the first members to follow me and comment on my blogs. I really appreciated the comments and because of your involvement into the network, I feel like I am within friends here. Thanks for your blogs.
ajones64 Premium
Yes, I have just completed level 2 myself moving along steadily.