Coming up on 2 months

Last Update: May 17, 2016

So.. I am coming up on 2 months with WA, but really have been putting in work for a month now. I want to share with you all how stupid I feel, if I didn't make such a big mistake I would probably be so much further along; however, I try to look at the positive in everything.

So I started with a free membership and went through Course 1 and all 10 lessons, when I decided to go premium I was so excited and focused on perfecting my website I totally had a brain fart and didn't realize that I unlocked 4 more courses, 10 videos each so that's 40 lessons I did not complete.

I created my website, which I believe looks great for not knowing a thing about wordpress. Researched all about sea and keywords and managed for create all of pages and posts without even moving on to course 2.

I didn't understand why I had so many unanswered questions and felt like I knew nothing. When I accidently came across all of the training I should have went through before creating my site-all I could feel was like a straight up idiot lol. I would have saved myself so much time and frustration, but on the positive note I am pretty proud that I did that on my own without the training.

I have now started the second course and am on lesson 3 and cant wait to see how much more I learn! I finally added 2 affiliate links to one of my posts which was a big accomplishment for me.

I just need to work on getting ranked on google. I don't know how to check my status and even though I have YOAST installed which I follow very stricktly I cant seem to colme across any of my posts on google which is a little discouraging, being that I see people who are ranking on google after 1 or 2 weeks.

I just have to stay positive and have faith!!!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Congratulations Eva a solid start keep going.
Evacapri Premium
Lol thanks guys.. haha I just still cant believe how much time and energy I wasted building my entire website and posts without watching the training hahah. that was like the number 1 reason to upgrade.. but hey I got this far and I'm learning so much more from each lesson so since I've already familiarized myself.
JudeP Premium
Keep on keeping on! :)
theresroth Premium
Great work!
I believe solid results take time......
JMario Premium