Pardon Me While I Do Some Digging: Searching for Information

Last Update: November 15, 2021

Pardon me while I do some digging. This is a phrase that people use when they are about to start an investigation, and it's one of the many secrets hidden in the English language. But why would you need to pardon yourself? The answer lies in our past; back before Google was invented, people had to go out into their community and search for information by asking strangers questions or looking through dusty old books.

It wasn't uncommon for these folks to be confronted by someone who didn't like them prying into other people's business, so they politely asked them if they could "pardon" themselves while they were doing this kind of work. I believe we can all agree that we would like to spend as little time as possible digging for information. The good news is, there are many ways to find the answer without too much work on your end!

When you are searching for information, it can be overwhelming. There are so many places to look and so much information that is available online. It's no wonder that people often end up looking in the wrong places or give up entirely! I found some revealing information about how to really do affiliate marketing. I have been off the platform doing some heavy research and I have already started to test the information.

I have gotten more information out of the DuckDuckGo search engine than Google. It's amazing the bucket load of information, but we always have to verify and that's exactly what I'm doing right now. More to follow...

The first step to successful research is knowing what you are looking for. That sounds simple, but it's easy to get lost in an endless stream of information without a plan. The internet can be overwhelming at times with the sheer number of articles and sites that are available, but armed with some basic steps you'll be able to find what you're looking for quickly!

Pardon me while I do some digging, but it seems that this is the type of thing where you can find no end to information. That's okay because I'm not looking for an end, but a beginning! Searching for information is an act of discovery. It's like you're using a shovel to unearth the hidden nuggets of gold that are buried deep in the earth (or, in this case, on DuckDuckGo).

But what if instead of digging through dirt and rocks, you were looking for something specific? You might be able to find it quicker by searching with more specific keywords or asking better questions about your topic.

Have you heard the one about the woman who goes to a library and asks for help in finding information? The librarian says, "I don't know where we keep things. Can you tell me what kind of information you're looking for?" To which she replies: "I'm not sure."

The joke is both funny and frustrating because it illustrates how much time can be wasted when people do not know what they are looking for. Asking questions that will lead to relevant findings is vital in any research process.

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Suzay Premium Plus
Gold prospector and geology teacher on youtube, star of Ask Jeff Williams, always says to look for gold where others have found it before you.
He takes subscribers on prospecting trips and teaches them about the land, where nuggets most likely will be found, how to use various metal detectors, and how to adjust them to the terrain, so you will be more successful at finding the target.

Is this not also kind of like WA? Look where gold has already been found in keyword research.
What are visitors looking for?
How can I adjust my metal detector to filter out the junk, and help me find a Motherlode?

Plus Eugene is "on it" with duckduckgo.

I am so ugh tired of looking up stuff on google and getting a "Google" of ads following me on my phones, and other devices, interrupting me. It's hard enough to concentrate without a laundromat of distractions hitting you in the face!
So I love duckduckgo!

Great post, Eugene, you are always inspiring and I appreciate you!
FKelso Premium Plus
You are so right -- you have to have some idea what you are looking for. I have a friend who writes a blog and she calls me to help her find her keyword on Jaaxy. We have to go through all sots of phrases sometimes to come up with the one that contains just the right information. It's like looking for buried treasure, but if we keep digging, we find it.
Eugene Premium
Let's keep digging Fran, it's somewhere under that dirt.
Siobhan3 Premium
I was wondering what happened to you. We haven't heard from you in a while!
Eugene Premium
Just been digging for information and doing some research. Thanks for asking Siobhan
keishalina Premium
and by the way, i've always appreciated the image of the 'never stop trying' miner at work diggin' and doing more diggin' -- surely he must have found a ton of gold by now?!!

love it !!

cheerio ... :))
keishalina Premium
*** Diggin' this awesome blog post, Eugene! ... chuckles! ...

Yes, being a 'super sleuth' is so much fun because we can learn lots along the way through all the 'digging!' ... lol ...

Enjoy it ALL !!

Great to hear from you -- wonderful post!

keep diggin' ... all the best, cheerio ... :)) ***
Eugene Premium
Always glad to see you Keisha
keishalina Premium
yes, happy to see YOU, too! ... cheerio ... :))