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Hello Again my dear WAmily. We all started with a dream, we said that we were going to do this and that, we started doing some things, and then we started doubting our abilities to get it done. After the doubt started to cloud your mind, then you felt incapable to continue with your journey. It happens to all of us.If we could all control the traffic that comes to our websites, believe me, we would all be rich by now. Unfortunately it does not work that way. We need to get this done the long, h
Hello again my dear friends, since I came across the Wealthy Affiliate training program back in 2008, I have learned the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how to realistically start an online business.From the time I knew about this thing called the "Internet", I have witnessed hundreds of people telling me half lies and half-truth, so it was hard to separate one from the other. I paid a lot of money to find out how to start a legit business online.I always thought that th
Hello to all of you this Monday morning, hope you are starting a new week with high hopes and new ideas. I mentioned in my last post that since I started using videos, my traffic has gone up, and now I made another change by making my articles shorter but more "meaty" and "juicy". I have learned quite a bit in this journey, and it takes one day at a time to put it all together. Don't complicate things, just use your common sense and you'll go farther than you can imagine. I did not want to bore
Hello my friends, hope you had a nice weekend. Are you as guilty as me of kicking the can down the road? Meaning that we keep pushing a situation on and on, knowing that it won't work. I call it procrastination, we tend to keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping that eventually it will work.The typical phrase is "Just Wait and See" because we feel for sure it will work. On my previous post I mentioned not to play the waiting game, because you could be waiting forever. When you kick the
Hello my friends, just to say that when you add something to your websites, it can turn the whole thing around for you. Since I added videos to my posts, traffic has spiked quite a bit. I just pulled one of my spices from the rack and add it to my stew and it's tasting much better.This past weekend, I added another spice called Rumble, thanks to Rose which gave us a summary of what this video platform is all about. What I love from Rumble is that you can monetize your videos without waiting for
Are you one of those people that are constantly under pressure to finish a task? Do you plan everything under a specific time frame? Are you one of those that have your calendar with a lot of deadline notes for each day? Have you ever felt that if nothing happens within the next 7 minutes and 55 seconds, you will explode? Time is a commodity that we all live by, and most of the time it defines us in how we want to do things. If we don't get this or that in a certain time frame, we just feel tha
Hello again, happy Monday to all of you! As we move along in our journey, always remember this is YOUR BUSINESS!! You have to shape and mold it according to your taste and design. Once you finish your work of art, then it comes the refining and final touch. Everything you do to your website, must be in sync with how you want it to look in the end. You must keep refining, retouching and be aware of every little detail. When you started you had a design in mind, and now you are working it every d
Hello again my dear friends. As you may have found out from my last blog post, I unplugged myself for a while to search into my brain to figure out some things. IT WORKED!!!This quote is so true, because it's not about the hours you may spend doing something, but rather the work you do in the few hours that you have. I worked many years with what is known as the Forex Market, I love the excitement in the financial markets. The foreign currency market is the most furious and profitable market th
Hello Again, my friends. I took some time to get some things done and boy there's a lot of work to do. There are also people wanting answers and guess who's going to give it to them, YOU!!!If you are still hanging on and believing in yourself, then I want to be the first one to congratulate you. You have done well, but again don't get cocky, there's much work to do. My website is now part of Flipboard, which provides content to 8 million people in magazine style. Mick Meaney has given me so muc
Hello again my dear friends, as we move on this journey, it's important that we look at everything as not to do things twice. As I was reviewing my videos, I noticed that I have been teaching rather than advertising. Each one of us is or should be the subject matter experts on our niche due to our experience or previous knowledge of something that happened to us. We should not sell, advertise or force any ads on our audience but rather show them what to look for.The object is not to persuade or