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Last Update: August 05, 2013

I put this on my website, tell me where I can fix/add to my website: Modify, make better, or improve! Your input is extremely important to me, and to share with others.

You can see it here:


  • If your're searching for a non-scammer community, Wealthy Affiliates is an awesome place to start out. If you're concerned about being scammed, no need to worry here. Plus we have lots of new people starting out all the time, and they post a question, and someone is always there to help answer that question. Even if it's Kyle or Carson--The Originators of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Well valued place to learn Affiliate Marketing and so much training there, help towards your websites, your articles, your livelihood. There always seems to be someone available to answer most questions that I have seen posted. Just ask questions!!
  • It's FREE to start out, and then only $19 for a trial month, then if you would like to go PREMIUM, it's only $359 per year. Less than $30 a month, or less than $1 per day. Pretty darn cheap. Costs a lot less than that Starbucks coffee you bought today! And a well worth investment for your future. For those who want to remain FREE members, NO PROBLEM! For those who want to invest more into their livelihood/career, it's my high opinion it's worth it to go Premium. But that's a choice you'll have to make.


  • Can be overwhelming at first. Because there are a lot of classes to take to learn. Think of it as a college course in Marketing. Lots of material. Just ask the instructors, in this case, ask questions a lot.

Bottom Line:

Well worth your dollar and future in Affiliate Marketing. Period.

There is a banner on the bottom of the page as well, that I didn't put here. Thanks for everyone's input here.

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ericrk7 Premium
Thank you very much! I will make the adjustments and corrections. And Choppy, you're right: No one wants to heart advice from a beginner. --SO much work to do, so little time!
ferns4733 Premium
It looks good Eric and you can keep improving on that as you go along.....cheers
choppydo Premium
I see some wording errors here and there but nothing serious. You might want to try and sound a little more experienced. Like instead of "seen posted" you could say "I had when I started out" It`s fake I know, but who cares about the advice of a beginner?
Hudson Premium
Hi there, looked at the actual site and it looks good. Content is accurate and concise, well done
ericrk7 Premium

There's the direct link. Sorry I forgot to add it in there.