Cbd oil-and the ace hotel

Last Update: November 18, 2019

Over the weekend a couple friends came by my house, grab me by my hair, and said you're going to New York with us. I grabbed my laptop and out the door we were. After we settled in our accommodations, we were out on the town to find some-place to eat.

We stop by the Ace Hotel, in Manhattan, a friend of our who lived in New York told us that it was a great place for food and to meet some light minded people. However, it was much more than that, it was one of several spots where the CBD oil craze has made its way onto an incredible menu. And with very good reason, Cannabis and CBD-infused beverages and foods are indeed, the top two dining trends of all 2019, according to the National Restaurant Association. A trade organization that interviews top chefs across the USA, for its annual "What's Hot" forecast. At the Ace Hotel Lobby Bar, we ordered the Afternoon Delight,, as it was a recommendation by our friend. It is a piquant cocktail with the calming vibe of CBD, By the way, there's no THC in their cocktails, pending the legalization efforts in the Big Apple, however, you'll find 10 mg of CBD blended with Pommeau (it is an apple-based intoxicant), grapefruit juice, and Bergamot.

You can sip your way through a beautiful stress relief in a hot New-York minute. And if you are in the mood for something sweet that is very good, try the Chocolate Brownie off the snack menu, we did. Its was laced with 10mg of CBD, so you can wind down your body, mind, and spirit, and at the same time, crush your chocolate craving.

After we had our drinks, we grab a bite at The Breslin NYC, an urban pub inside the Ace Hotel. By the way, you will not have the munchies (that is a big time THC thing) but, let me tell you, the Scottish eggs and lamb burgers, o my God, go down very easy, mmmmmmmmmm, o yes.

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NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for sharing
JeffreyBrown Premium
A Great read, with information about the intriguing CBD expertly woven int!

Tmgreen Premium
CBD is becoming a big thing. Great niche to get into.

Your post makes me miss NYC though :(


scottyg11 Premium
Sounds and looks yummy. I'm glad you had fun.
Helen123 Premium
What exactly does cbd oil without thc do for food? I’d have thought it’s like using any other oil. It would have no psychotropic effect without thc.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening Helen, the CBD oil is used to help the body Mind and Spirit, without any THC being involved at all. It's only about CBD oil and what it does for the Body Mind and Spirit nothing else. However, any information that you might desire concerning CBD oil and the effects that it has on the body spirit and mind, or even recipes that you can use for CBD oil, you can go to my website and find it all. May you have a most wonderful night, and a very successful week. My website address is www.BeautiflWorid.com
Helen123 Premium
Thankyou.. my interest in it is because my older son takes it for dystonic seizures. He is in the UK and it is strictly regulated there. His medication, Sativex, is very expensive and right now we are fighting fir his health authority to pay for it. His medication has 0.3% THC.
Cav1966 Premium
There is a lot of research going on right now with cbd...basically it works on with our endocannibodial systems that we all have. Cbd is attaches to our endocanibodial systems and helps bring our body systems back to balance.
In simpler terms we take pharmaceutical drugs that treat our symptoms like pain...seizures etc.
What cbd does is works with our own system to bring it back into hemotosis or balance.
Drugs work on symptoms and act like a bandaid
Cbd works with our own system to restore the system
If you want more i can point you to a ton of educational videos
Dee0620 Premium
Very interesting...thanks for sharing your experience. As a former New Yorker (if there is such a thing :)), I caught the visual. Last time I was in NY, I was amazed to see all the CBD trucks practically in every corner but I never thought of food infused...wow, it's seriously a big thing now. I like the idea of CBD as prescribed meds but beyond that, i've always been skeptical.
Although, recently I've looked into CBD oil skin products....might write a post about that..stay tune.