There's No Better Time to Be a Part of This Platform

Last Update: May 14, 2020

How incredible is it to have a platform like this giving all of us an opportunity to build a business we can call our very own, even during a worldwide pandemic?

Does it take work? Absolutely.
Do we have to go at it alone, fending for ourselves? No we don't.

We're all part of this global community at Wealthy Affiliate, and every single one of us is on this path together. I can't remember ever having a question that I couldn't find the answer to right here at WA.

Are you guys regularly using that smart search bar up top to its maximum capabilities? If you're not, you're toooootally missing out. That thing is my absolute go-to when I need to find something.

And when it comes to the training, do you know how many times I've learned something here that gave me such a "mind blown" feeling that I said, "Wow..." out loud?

The answer is a TON of times.

For me personally, I remember sitting in on live training on Friday nights when I was brand new, and even if the topic was something I wasn't yet needing to learn regarding my website, I'd sit in anyway and ALWAYS learn something.

I'd instantly get that feeling of getting my batteries recharged. The one thing I would have to be mindful of, actually, was to stick with the training and not go off chasing the new shiny object. But trust me, I'd make a note to myself that I liked the new shiny object and it would be mine.

The key to success here is to continue learning. Continue getting better. Continue working harder. We all have times of complacency, and this is human nature. But the key is to make it the exception rather than the rule.

This community gives us all an opportunity that so many out there are searching for. To have a purpose is an important thing in life.

Invest into yourself. Be a student to the training. Continue working, and improving, and you'll be reaping the benefits of this training for years to come.

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Palwinder1 Premium
Nice article! Learning is great thing.
ericcantu Premium Plus
That's the first step to success. ;)
ShellBee2020 Premium
Well said, Eric. Whenever I feel complacent, I don't beat myself up about it. I give myself that time, and then I refocus and get on with it!
ericcantu Premium Plus
Absolutely. Sometimes it helps to clear the mind, and other times it helps to just focus on another aspect of the business and get your juices flowing that way.
Linda103 Premium
Good post Eric and very true. Continuing to learn is key.
ericcantu Premium Plus
sbarrow4 Premium
Eric thanks heaps for the motivation.
Have a great day
ericcantu Premium Plus
Glad you enjoyed this. :)
Hamish58 Premium
Thank you a great reminder, i feel the same way about the Webinars they are a very much a battery charge🧐
ericcantu Premium Plus
They're spectacular. Jay is a great teacher.