Be the Drive That Pushes You Forward

Last Update: June 11, 2022

Affiliate marketing is the business we're in.
The more successful we become at it, the fewer and fewer "bosses" we end up having.

But when we only have ourself to answer to, as many entrepreneurs will tell you, it's up to YOU to be the driving force that keeps your business going.

How do you self motivate?

Some are heavy readers, always putting great motivational content in the brains. Others are minimalists, simply attaching post it notes to their desktop with motivational reminders or their "why".

Regardless of which you are, it's important to realize how few people have this opportunity. Think about it. You have the opportunity to LEARN how to BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS, with extremely low overhead, and an UNLIMITED revenue ceiling.

If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.

Remember that when you sit down to attack a lesson.
Remember than when it's time to sit in on an expert class.
Remember it when it's time to research your next article.
Remember it when you're struggling to reach 1500 words.

This is the business you're in.
It's a BLESSING, not a burden.

Be stubborn with your success.
Don't quit.
Be the drive that pushes your business forward.


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EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Eric,

When I have to apply what I have been taught, I replay the lesson to guide me while I am following the actions step by step. This helps me minimize errors as well as saves time.

It is rare that I need to go elsewhere to ask questions and find the answers to my affiliate marketing needs.

Smartphones allow us to playback and listen to lessons anywhere. Even while we're working in the kitchen!

There are so many ways to drive our business forward. Thanks for elevating this point.


EricCantu Premium Plus
Great points, Edwin!
Stenh Premium
Thanks for that great post. Truly, very inspiring.If you have a dream that must be fulfilled, and if you want it so badly, then you must not quit. And really, you don't need anyone to cheer you on, you must be your own cheerleader to success, and you don't need anyone else to be your driving force to success, but you should be your own driving force pushing your own self forward until your dreams and goals are realized.
EricCantu Premium Plus
Exactly. Well said.
FKelso Premium Plus
So far, so good. And so true, Eric -- if we don't do the work to move ourselves forward, there ain't no one else out there that will do it for us.
EricCantu Premium Plus
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Eric, this is very on point.

As I write, I am sitting in one of our favourite Diners, enjoying a pint, singing to the music and getting some posts finalsed.

We are more blessed than we know.

Thank you for sharing!
EricCantu Premium Plus
Way to go Cassi!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
bjdluna Premium Plus
Hi Eric,

Great post! Very motivational, I need to put copies of this post all over my house!

Thanks, Eric!

EricCantu Premium Plus
Haha glad you enjoyed this!