Are Solo Ads Worth using in your Campaigns?

Last Update: April 08, 2016

Solo Ads

There are many ways to advertise your online business. Some are more effective than others. There is video marketing, phone message marketing, you know the one where you pick up the phone and a recorded message says, “stop what you are doing” because I am about to show you how to generate $30,000 a month blah blah blah.

I personally hate this intrusive form of marketing. There is bulk email marketing, safelist marketing, postcard marketing and the list goes on and on. Today my blog is simply about Solo Ad Marketing.

What is Solo Ad Marketing

Solo advertisements are broadcast emails sent to an email list using an automated service such as getresponse.

The people selling solo ads, are commonly referred to as solo ad vendors and they possess a very valuable list of an average 40K emails.

How did they get that list? It’s simple, they made it by buying solo ads from other vendors. This phenomenon is what I like to call the ‘solo ad vendor chain’, and primarily exists in the Internet Marketing niche.

The main advantage of solo ads is that it is fully paid traffic, so you typically will get clicks as soon as the solo ad vendor broadcasts the email to people on his list.

Another added advantage is, if you find the perfect solo ad vendor, which is easier said than done, some solo ad vendors have lists with very powerful potential customers. You want them, and you will get them with solo ads easier than you would have without them.

Thirdly, they are just really easy and fast when compared to SEO or forum traffic or any other traffic source that is not paid.

However, there are always certain cons to something that has such promising possibilities.Probably the biggest con is not knowing the reputation from the vendor whom your buying from. You pay for a list and you don’t know if your getting clicks from old lists or if they are fake clicks from bots. Again you don’t know who your buying from, if your getting all the clicks you paid for that is why you need to track your clicks, and even if it is a reputable vendor they cannot guarantee the clicks will convert to a sale.Anyways in the interest of space, I am going to share a link to what I believe are reputable Solo Ad providers and you can pick and choose whom you would like to work with.

These top solo ad providers:

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JGeyer Premium
Thank you so much Ereilly429:) Very helpful.
I am trying to come up with a list of all the ways to generate traffic like solos ads, ppc, content etc....what do you say as a beginner for me (besides continuing building content) I should go with for some campaigns? I need to create campaigns to generate some money to invest

thank you so much for your time:)
ereilly429 Premium
Hi JGeyer, if you are brand new to this, honestly I would stick with the training and building content. Paying for solo ads, ppc etc..can be very costly especially with unscrupulous solo ad providers. Learn the ropes and be patient. The money will eventually come in time. Then when that takes place, you can begin to investigate investing money in some online advertising! I can send you a list of reputable solo ad providers.
JGeyer Premium
great advice! thank you
ikaffiliate Premium
thanks for sharing this information - super helpful as I've been looking at solo ads just recently - cheers
AnnieB Premium
Ed, thanks for the explanation about solo ads. I've never tried them, so you must let us know how you get on with them.
theresroth Premium
Sounds very interesting!
Thanks for the share....