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Last Update: April 13, 2019

I thought this was rather funny, but Michael was a bit upset. Last night he was on his computer and was looking around for something - not sure what.

Anyway, he clicked on this link and up pops a message on how to make extra money. So, he thought he'd check it out. Well, in order to get any information he had to put in his email. Once he did that, he gets a site where this lady was wanting him to join WA!!!!!

I thought it was so funny! Seems that whatever he clicked on last night it was taking him to another person's WA site. In my opinion it just goes to show that WA is the best place to learn and make the money you want.

I wanted to tell you all so maybe you all could get a good laugh.

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Fleeky Premium
SWhitley Premium
I honestly expected to find he found himself at Your site! You are right, WA is the best.

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders
ExpatMark Premium
I was doing the same thing the other day and gpt Grace's ( LittleMama) WA pitch site. I hollered, "I know her" and my friends were quite impressed at the pitch. I may even get a referral or two out of it. This stuff works people. Do the training, learn from our WA peers who have done it, and are doing it. Hard work is all we have to add to this great training platform.

Make a living, make a difference.

CarlaNavarro Premium
That is how this wonderful business works.
Much success on your journey.