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April 25, 2019
Good morning everyone! Michael and will probably not be around much for a while. We're not sure just how long, but it could be a month or two. There have been some health issues that have come up for both of us and we're going to be very busy taking care of things. We're going to keep trying to work on the blog and keep it updated, but doing all the other things that we need to do here at WA will probably not be possible until we get all things taken care of. Hopefully, I'll have a bit of ti
I thought this was rather funny, but Michael was a bit upset. Last night he was on his computer and was looking around for something - not sure what. Anyway, he clicked on this link and up pops a message on how to make extra money. So, he thought he'd check it out. Well, in order to get any information he had to put in his email. Once he did that, he gets a site where this lady was wanting him to join WA!!!!! I thought it was so funny! Seems that whatever he clicked on last night it was taki
April 12, 2019
Happy Friday WA family!It's a beautiful day here in northeast Texas. The weekend is looking rough, though. We're supposed to have some really bad storms tomorrow. Let's hope not! We've been working on the 2020 Challenge. There's lots of work to do, but it's going to pay off in the end. Right? Kyle is really challenging us with this. We've got the website all straightened up and looking nice. It's all ready for everything that needs to be done.We're hoping that as we go through the Challenge,
March 13, 2019
Good morning! Marsha here. We finished all our lessons. It says we've only done 90% because we didn't upgrade to paying by the year. Unfortunately, that'll have to come later. We've still got lots of work to do on the site. There are tons of things to be posted. The ads are up and everything seems to be working, but no revenue yet. We're sure it'll come in eventually. We're always up for suggestions if anyone has any. For now, we're happy that we've learned so much and can implement it. The
March 01, 2019
Good afternoon!Marsha here.This has been a long week. It seems like I haven't gotten much done. But, we keep pushing forward. Right?I think I've mentioned before that I have a blog site over on Blue Host. I'm planning to move it here this month. My contract is up and I can't see paying the price they want for another year. Besides - their security is not that good.This week alone I've had 3 people hack into my dashboard and set themselves up as administrators. Now, how does that happen? I ke
February 22, 2019
Good afternoon! Well, it's time to stop and take a deep breath. We're stuck on Level 5, Lesson 2. Seems that we thought Google Analytics and AdSense were set up, but they can't find us. Oh well, we'll do it again.I just wanted to let you all know that for the most part, Marsha is doing the posting and most of the work here. I usually come in after and look over the lessons so that I at least know what she's doing. So, when you get a comment from us, it's Marsha doing it. Besides - she's the
February 19, 2019
Good afternoon! It's a rainy, stormy, cold day here in northeast Texas. It's predicted that we could even see an inch of snow/sleet. Yikes! A really good day to stay in. Michael and I are doing our lessons and trying to get all the posting done that is required for the completion of the lessons. The lessons are coming along very well. I do have to go over a checklist so that I make sure I add everything that needs to be added to every post. Does anyone else do that? I know that it will all bec
February 18, 2019
Good morning WA family!Michael and I were rather absent this weekend. Our Internet was acting crazy. It would work for a while and then it would go off. Seems that our provider was doing some work on things. It's working good this morning, so we'll be back to getting the lessons done and poking around WA.We hope you all have been enjoying this long weekend. We want to thank everyone who's following us on FB, Twitter and Pinterest. We'll surely be following you back.Back to work! We wish you all
February 15, 2019
Happy Friday everyone!We haven't been around much today because there's been alot going on in our household. So, we're going to take it easy this evening and get back to it tomorrow. We're getting some great feedback on the new site which makes us extremely happy! If anyone has followed us on any of our social media, we'll get back to you tomorrow. We didn't want you to think we were ignoring you. Wishing you all a great evening!Michael & Marsha
February 11, 2019
This has truly been a productive day. We have finished with Level 3 and got our new badge. Now, we're on to Level 4. We can see things are coming together nicely. Our advertising is up and we've hooked up with Google Analytics and Google Adsense. So, we're keeping our fingers crossed that it all works. To all of you who helped us out during these lessons on Level 3 - Thank you! You all are truly a blessing. We're off now for a cup of coffee and to put our respective feet up in front of the