Day 3 of 7 Even colder today

Last Update: December 12, 2017

Frost today was heavier but our heaters worked just fine in protecting the plants. I will have to go recharge them later on and light them this evening.

Does anybody know something about a certain cat that is going to be taken out of the box by Kyle? I just came back and began WA'ing but I took off the gloves and my hands are so cold they are stiff and it is hard to write fluently. I am going to make some coffee.

Maybe anytime Kyle will release the cat, which I consider is a lovely one. Meanwhile, there are probably thousands of us just waiting to see what it is and begin using it for sure.

Without knowing what it is I am sure it will be of great help to all WA community to use it in order to improve everybody's website (directly or indirectly).

P.S. I can only publish one post a day, so this will have to wait to be published tomorrow.

By then everybody will know what Kyle's kitty is and be playing with it.

Update 1: 8:38 p.m. Just coming back to WA. Any news about Kyle's kitty?

Update 2: Woooooo hooooooo!!!

The cat's name is Jaaxy!!!

Thank you Kyle and Carson for such a holidays present!


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Kickbacked Premium
Hi Eugenio

Free Jaxxy version!

Flash4 Premium
Good on you, Eugenio, keep those heaters going. Your poor wee fingers.
Yes we have Jaaxy, how good is that!
Cherrio, Jae
FTurner8032 Premium
Sorry for the colder weather, I know that will mean much more work for you today and tonight.

So, I have not heard about the Jaaxy thing. I did notice it added to the tabs on the left of our sceens. But what exactly is the deal. I joined Jaaxy nearly a year ago. Is there a better deal now or what.

Thanks for another great article, very informative and educational. See you again tomorrow.

webbsight Premium
I thought maybe the kitty released was jaaxy being integrated into the left side bar of the site. Was announced by Carson a couple hours ago. Lest Kyle has another one pending.

DEversley Premium
Love it, Eugenio.

All the best