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Last Update: May 17, 2018

I watched a documentary (what the bleep do we know) awhile ago ,it actually came out before the (Secret ) both are similar in message but (the secret) is more condensed and simplified. (The bleep) is more meatier and deep with more great scientific references & facts, (I loved both those movies). Both, agree that Everything is Energy. They show Us under a microscope down to the sub-atomic level pass the quarks, That we are ENERGY and that the ONLY thing that is REAL, was the vibration, or a frequency that comes through our thoughts, which they showed us on a frequency reading machine. Oh HOW, that played with my mind. Everything we have seen and felt & known to be solid matter, is now NOT?

Quantum physics truly has taken Us to another level of understanding!

They say, from our systems of our bodies such as skeletal, muscular, circulatory, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous & the integumentary systems, that they are all made up of < tissues and organs. Then Our tissues and organs are made up of < cells & our cells are then made up of< atoms, & then our atoms are made of sub-atomic particles and these sub-atomic particles are made up of Space or Energy.

WOW lets think on that for a moment.....

That means every thought we are creating from that level, (The Energy Level) at the thought, frequency, or vibrational level will manifest itself and will come up through an invisible energy, creating the very frequency or vibration of that very feeling or thought, you & I have been holding, within (whether it be good or bad). and that's what determines what form that energy will turn into. Our thoughts literally shifts the Universe on a particle by particle basis creating our physical life.

I heard cells holds memory also, so if you are holding some, not so good memories or negative thoughts say from past experiences, those very cells could actually sabotage ones life from a unconscious perspective, Unbeknown to the individual until they go and do inner work on themselves where they would find the belief that has stunted their internal growth & only then can one start their healing from within. These thoughts can cause irritations, depression, stress, sickness and dis-ease upon oneself, if left for a long time inside the individual.

The opposite would also be true if a person who had thoughts of joy, family, friends, fun & laughter, compassion, enlightenment, Love & positive vibrations. These would bring through different frequenciess, different chemicals & endorphins creating a more happier & healthier YOU.

What a great shift to my paradigm, so I started to create NEW WORDS FOR MY NEW FINDINGS.

I am an Energy Being - A Ball of energy fill of colour an energy-light

I decided to nickname myself ENERGY~ESS (short for Energy~ Essence )

who is An Energual Being (pronounced ener-jewel), A Being of Energy

Who lives for Energuality (pronounced ener~jewel~ality) being interested in things of Energy.

Yes I have created New Words that I feel very comfortable using, & one day they will be in a dictionary and I may write a new book, in the near future using my new words.


Nikola Tesla was so on the ball when he wrote this quote, way back in the mid 1800's saying:

If You want to find the secrets of the Universe

Think in terms of energy,frequency, & vibration.

He was so ahead of his time! He knew and understood the very makings of the human being! NOW in knowing All this information, it has me interested in finding out & asking myself this question...

How does one direct such energy, where we can create a world of Love, Peace, Joy, & ONENESS!!

Where we All are enjoying life to the Fullest as One Family.




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DianeWehi Premium
I love your own words and look forward to Energyess's dictionary being published :)
Quantum physics is a fascinating topic. I found it easy to understand the way you expressed it and it makes sense to me.
Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated Energyess.
Namaste :)
Energyess Premium
Thank you so much for reading my blog Di's Harmony appreciate it so much. I am so glad you understood where I was coming from, quantum physics fascinates me a lot. I have a website with more on this topic if you are interested in going and having a browse. Again Thank you if
Loes Premium
Thanks, I love quantum physics! Namaste Michelle
Energyess Premium
hi Loes Yes Quantum is Such a deep subject but very very interesting I can see why you love quantum, I too love it lots now. Thank you for reading my post Loes.
Loes Premium
You' re welcome Michelle