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Hello WA,

It's probably been over a year since my last post here, but I have something to share that will benefit the community.

If you have used AI, you probably have noticed that it spits out many words and phrases repeatedly. I have found this to be very annoying, and it hurts the quality of the articles I publish. So, I found a long list of words that AI uses too much.

You can use this list as a prompt so that AI excludes these words. It doesn't always get it right, but it sure helps. I will list the prompt I use here:

AI Prompt For Word Exclusion

Exclude the following words: nuances, delve, dive, testament, additionally, in conclusion, to conclude, Excitingly, Amazing, Remarkable, Revolutionize the Way, Transformative Power, Groundbreaking Advancement, In Conclusion, Rapid Pace of Development, Only Time Will Tell, Bringing Us One Step Closer, Push the Boundaries, Paving the Way, Rapidly Developing, Cutting-Edge, Significantly Enhances, Advancement in the realm


Aims to bridge

Aims to democratize

Aims to foster innovation and collaboration

Becomes increasingly evident

Behind the Veil

Breaking barriers

Breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize the way

Bringing us

Bringing us closer to a future

By combining the capabilities

By harnessing the power

Capturing the attention

Continue to advance

Continue to make significant strides

Continue to push the boundaries

Continues to progress rapidly

Crucial to be mindful



Drive the next big

Encompasses a wide range of real-life scenarios

Enhancement further enhances

Ensures that even

Essential to understand the nuances


Exciting opportunities

Exciting possibilities

Exciting times lie ahead as we unlock the potential of


Expanded its capabilities

Expect to witness transformative breakthroughs

Expect to witness transformative breakthroughs in their capabilities

Exploration of various potential answers

Explore the fascinating world

Exploring new frontiers

Exploring this avenue

Foster the development


Future might see us placing

Groundbreaking way

Groundbreaking advancement

Groundbreaking study

Groundbreaking technology

Have come a long way in recent years

Hold promise

Implications are profound

Improved efficiency in countless ways

In conclusion

In the fast-paced world

Innovative service

Intrinsic differences

It discovered an intriguing approach

It remains to be seen

It serves as a stepping stone towards the realization

Latest breakthrough signifies

Latest offering

Let’s delve into the exciting details

Main message to take away

Make informed decisions

Mark a significant step forward

Mind-boggling figure


More robust evaluation

Navigate the landscape


One step closer

One thing is clear

Only time will tell

Opens up exciting possibilities

Paving the way for enhanced performance

Possibilities are endless

Potentially revolutionizing the way

Push the boundaries

Raise fairness concerns

Raise intriguing questions

Rapid pace of development

Rapidly developing

Redefine the future

Remarkable abilities

Remarkable breakthrough

Remarkable proficiency

Remarkable success

Remarkable tool



Represent a major milestone

Represents a significant milestone in the field

Revolutionize the way

Revolutionizing the way

Rich Tapestry

Risks of drawing unsupported conclusions

Seeking trustworthiness

Significant step forward

Significant strides


The necessity of clear understanding

There is still room for improvement

Transformative power

Truly exciting

Uncover hidden trends

Understanding of the capabilities

Unleashing the potential

Unlocking the power


We can improve understanding and decision-making

Welcome your thoughts

What sets this apart

What’s more

With the introduction

So next time you have AI draft an article, add this as a prompt, and you should get better results!



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Thanks Cory for sharing this. I do use a similar prompt but some of the additional suggestions have given me new phrases to add.

Wishing you continued success.

You're welcome, Tracy! Success to you as well!!

Thanks for the list of words that I can remember.

Myra ♥️

You are welcome, Myra!

Thanks. This is very helpful. I have felt the same thing about AI, but have never done anything about it. I appreciate the fact that you have.

Thank you so much for this comprehensive list! I try to add in as many words like these as I can think of, but I can't remember them all... Now I have copied your list and that should help!! Thanks again.


Glad to help!

I have used your list on two posts that I asked ChatGPT to write and wow! It is so much better! Asked Buddy to remember the list so I didn't have to paste it in every time, but I can't be sure yet if he remembers it!


Thanks for the list, Cory. I am returning after a very long absence. I find this new technology at WA amazing. Learning to use and implement its benefits is a new challenge for me.

The training Kyle presents is very eye-opening. This extension of training will be helpful as I transition back into my business at WA.

To the success of all.

Yes, there have been a lot of changes in the last year for blogging in general. We need to embrace change, learn, and move forward. Cheers to you Uthny!

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